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Jay McInerney introduces readers to his series of podcasts, reflects on why he wrote The Good Life, and rememembers book tour hijinks gone by.

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Hi, this is Jay McInerney and this is the first in a series of podcasts that I'm going to be doing from the road for my book tour for my new book The Good Life, which is coming out January 31. The Good Life is my seventh novel and it's definitely kind of a departure for me, in that, well first of all, it took me a very long time to write it. It's been six years since Model Behavior, my last book and I was just starting into what I had hoped would be my seventh novel when two planes crashed into the World Trade towers.

That's the backdrop of the book, it's not about September 11, it's actually a love story about two people who meet in the aftermath of these events. They're both married, they both have children and yet they both have decided that their lives up to that point are kind of a sham, and they're reconsidering everything. So that's the basic plot of the book and I guess it's the first book I've ever written that isn't somehow about post-adolescent flailing. I think that's another thing that took me a long time about this book was sort of reevaluating my narrative strategy. I think all of my books from Bright Lights, Big City all the way through Model Behavior have been to some extent coming of age novels and once you pass forty, a coming of age novel becomes a little harder to sustain and to justify. So these character, they may be my first adults, for better or worse.

I did not have a book tour for Bright Lights, Big City. There was barely such a thing then, the concept hardly existed. And the budget for Bright Lights, Big City was about six or seven dollars, as I recall. The last time I was out was about six years ago for my novel Model Behavior. I remember one particular lowpoint when I was at the Buckhead Barnes & Noble and all of four people showed up. I certainly hope that I don't experience anything like that on this book tour, so I'm hoping that many of you will come out to hear me, wherever I am.
The schedule is posted here on the site, check it out. And I hope you'll tune in to the next podcast, where I'll be recounting my adventures and misadventures while I'm on the road. I hope they're not as colorful as they were from my 1988 book tour for Story of My Life, which I barely survived. I tended to be showing up at TV studios and local TV stations at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning, having never actually gotten to sleep and I'm going to try to make this a somewhat less eventful tour, but I hope one that's not without interest. So tune into the next one and read The Good Life.

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