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"Talking Cure?" a review in The Jewish Daily Forward

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"Brave Heart: Jeffrey Goldberg" an interview with Jeffrey in New York Magazine

Slate Book Club featuring Jeffrey Goldberg in dialogue with Shmuel Rosner

"Intrepid Reporter On The Jihad Beat": an interview with Jeffrey in Jewish Week


"Goldberg's sensitive portrayal of the nuances of his freighted relationship... gives soul and depth to Prisoners, a vivid account of the passions and prejudices, the tensions and terrors that exist in every camp, and every household, in today's volatile Middle East." —Francine Prose, O: The Oprah Magazine

"A rich, large-hearted and melancholy political bildungsroman... The author has a novelistic gift for conjuring the optimism of the Oslo era, which makes the nihilistic nosedive of the second Intifada even more searing. But while Prisoners is a story of multiple disenchantments, there's a defiant hopefulness about itŃa faith, despite too much evidence to the contrary, that individual human understanding can transcend historic hatreds." —Michelle Goldberg, The New York Observer

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Early praise

"Jeffrey Goldberg has done the impossible—found some hope in the rubble of the Middle East. Prisoners will bring you to tears."
—Malcolm Gladwell

"This brutal, beautiful book about the discovery of decency in an indecent war is morally refreshing. With vivacious candor, Jeffrey Goldberg describes the unexpected refinement of his identity by an encounter with his enemy. The story of his unsentimental education is not only deeply heartening, it is also deeply Jewish."
—Leon Wieseltier

"Jeffrey Goldberg’s Prisoners is brilliant—at once a memoir of a young man’s spiritual and political education, and a lucid and perceptive account of the Israeli-Palestinian struggle. The story of Goldberg’s evolution from Long Island Zionist to Israeli prison guard to hardened but hopeful observer is both an education and a delight."
—Jeffrey Toobin

"Jeffrey Goldberg’s brilliant journey of self-discovery carries his reader crashing through barriers of old, facile assumptions about the Israeli-Palestinian struggle. He manages the near-impossible task of proclaiming his Zionism while embracing some dreams of Palestinian nationalism without sacrificing good humor, great reporting, and wonderful storytelling."
—Ted Koppel

"Jeffrey Goldberg has written an important book about his struggle as an American Jew to discover roots of common humanity buried in centuries of hatred in the Middle East. What a powerful story he tells, how moving, smart, hard-headed, and honest. Anyone who had lived his story would have a good book in him, but in the hands of a reporter and writer as skilled as Goldberg it becomes a great one."
—Mark Bowden, author, Black Hawk Down

"From the most intimate human details to the enduring desert truths, Jeffrey Goldberg’s Prisoners touches the entire sweep of the Israeli-Palestinian tragedy. Insightful, closely observed, and often improbably funny, it offers wisdom gained not from mere research but from experience lived."
—Caroline Alexander

"Fiercely honest, alive and kicking on every page, and grippingly suspenseful, this memoir by an American Jew of his friendship with the Palestinian he once guarded in an Israeli prison camp takes us deep inside the paradigmatic dilemma of the Jews and the Arabs of the Holy Land: Can the guards and the guarded ever dismantle the prison that holds them both?"
—Jack Miles, author, God: A Biography

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