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Flaubert's Parrot, A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters

Written by Julian Barnes, Introduction by Sarah Churchwell
Hardcover, 448 pages
978-0-307-96143-3 (0-307-96143-5)
October 2012

An Everyman's Library hardcover omnibus edition of two of the Booker Prize-winning author's earliest and most admired novels, neither of which... Read More

The Ambassadors

Written by Henry James, Introduction by Sarah Churchwell
Hardcover, 536 pages
978-1-101-90782-5 (1-101-90782-7)
September 2016

A new Everyman's Library hardcover edition of The Ambassadors--one of the great masterpieces of Henry James’s late period, and the author’s own favorite... Read More

The Sea, the Sea; A Severed Head

Written by Iris Murdoch, Introduction by Sarah Churchwell
Hardcover, 696 pages
978-1-101-90766-5 (1-101-90766-5)
April 2016

These two major novels—by one of the most influential British writers of the twentieth century—are ferociously dark comedies that combine playfulness... Read More