Author Spotlight

About me . . .

I have always loved to read and write, but I also love to draw and make playlists on my iPod and eat bananas with peanut butter and shop, of course. You know, writing a novel was not something I thought I would ever do–or get to do–but I have found that opportunity pops up all the time in the strangest ways and places. I suppose I have done lots of kooky things in my not-so-long but not-too-short life, and I don’t regret any of them.
Here’s why:

1.I went to Mexico to write Chloe Lieberman (Sometimes Wong) and lived in a little palapa overlooking the sea.
2.I learned that everyone, including me, has at least one important story to tell.
3.I moved to New York for real.
4.I fell in love with my iBook.
5.I rediscovered my love for collage and Polaroids.
6.I cried a lot (which was a good thing) when I thought about being a teenager at a school I HATED at the time–although I have come to appreciate some, but not all, of the lessons and things I learned there.
7.I remembered that I LOVE making things, creating things.
8.I got to laugh at myself quite often.
9.I got to wear lots of fantastic and not-so-fantastic outfits while writing.

Here are other random things about me you might want to know:

1.My name is Carrie (not Chloe).
2.I do not date a bad boy in a bad band, but I did once upon a time.
3.I gotta say celebrities are not necessarily the most interesting people to
4.I LOVE fashion.
6.I HATE L.A. (love and hate do a very delicate dance, no?).
6A.I live in New York. I LOVE New York!
7.I went to an all-girls’ high school and wore a uniform. I got several demerits
for tweaking my uniform “inappropriately.”
8.I LOVE to read. Anything. All the time. When I am on a plane or a bus or
the subway and I don’t have anything to read, but you are reading next to
me, I will start reading what you are reading–I can’t help it.
9.I have 2,458 songs on my iPod. I like to listen and read since I try my best
to multi-task like that.
10.Thank you SO MUCH for reading my first novel. I know it takes lots of
time to choose a book when you could be watching Laguna Beach.

Oh, and feel free to send me Polaroids of what you are wearing while reading Chloe. I personally like to wear things that help me feel inspired when I am reading! I hope Chloe might in some small or big way inspire you. That sounds cheesy, but I really mean it!



Carrie (not Chloe)