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Educational Courage
Resisting the Ambush of Public Education
Written by Mara Sapon-Shevin and Nancy Schniedewind

Educational Courage
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Category: Education - Educational Policy & Reform - General; Education - Student Life & Student Affairs
Imprint: Beacon Press
Format: Trade Paperback
Pub Date: September 2012
Price: $19.00
Can. Price: $22.00
ISBN: 978-0-8070-3295-4 (0-8070-3295-6)
Pages: 240


Deborah Meier


Part I
Introduction: “Is This What We Call ‘Education’?”
1. A Short History of the Ambush of Public Education
Nancy Schniedewind

2. One Teacher’s Cry
Susan J. Hobart

3. Rachel’s Plea
Wendy J. Goodman

Part II

Introduction: “I Won’t Be a Part of This!”—Educators, Parents,
Students, and Community Members Resist

4. Voices of Students with Disabilities
Kids As Self Advocates (KASA)

5. Debunking the Case for National Standards
Alfie Kohn

6. Resisting the State Test: The Story of an Eleven-Year-Old,
Niño Rebelde
Francisco Guajardo

7. There Is No Rubric for Imagination: Organizing against a Charter School Gone Corporate 49
Nate Walker

8. “No”: The Power of Refusal
Doug Christensen and Chris W. Gallagher

9. Why I Quit Teach For America to Fight for Public Education
Neha Singhal

10. Exit Strategies: Confronting Faulty Graduation Tests
Latricia Wilson

11. Tú Eres Mi Otro Yo/You Are My Other Self
Curtis Acosta

Part III
Introduction: Resisting by “Working in the Cracks”—Creating Spaces to Teach Authentically

12. Deepening the Cracks to Infuse Mathematics for Social Justice
Ellen Davidson

13. Test Prep and the War
Jessica Klonsky

14. Alligator-Crocodile
Felipa Gaudet

15. You Can’t Be Driven by Fear: A Portrait of Public School
Tom Roderick

Part IV

Introduction: “Not My Voice Alone”—Organizing to Reclaim Public Education

16. “You Want to Pay Me for What?!?” Resisting Merit Pay and the Business Model of Education
Sam Coleman and Edwin Mayorga

17. The Curie 12: A Case for Teacher Activism
Katie Hogan

18. The Struggle against Mayoral Control in Milwaukee
Bob Peterson

19. We Are Not the Backlash: We Are the Resistance!
Juanita Doyon

20. “Just Parents” Challenge Mayor Daley, Arne Duncan, and Renaissance 2010
Julie Woestehoff

21. From Seeds to Fruition: The Making of a Resistance Movement
Don Perl

22. Making a Difference
Jane Hirschmann, Ujju Aggarwal, and Donna Nevel

23. What Endures: Meaningful Assessment for the Long Haul
Chris W. Gallagher and Doug Christensen

24. Voices of Activism
Kim Dominguez, Bob Peterson, Stephanie Walters, Kathy M.
Xiong, Sarah Knopp, Gillian Russom, and Brian Jones

25. Another World Is Possible/Another Education Is Necessary
Bill Ayers

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