A Classic Pop-Up Tale
Written by Mary Shelley
Adapted by Claire Bampton
Contribution by Anthony Williams
Designed by David Hawcock

Frankenstein Category: Comics & Graphic Novels - Horror; Comics & Graphic Novels - Adaptations
Imprint: Universe
Format: Hardcover
Pub Date: September 2010
Price: $29.95
Can. Price: $35.00
ISBN: 978-0-7893-2085-8 (0-7893-2085-1)
Pages: 28
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The classic monster tale reanimated in a dynamic new format for today’s reader. Bold and brooding graphic novel–style illustrations and dramatic 3-D scenes rise from the pages as the brilliant Dr. Frankenstein brings the dead back to life. With multiple interactive elements, including pop-ups and fold-outs on every page, readers will appreciate the easy-to-follow dialogue, while horror fans and pop-up collectors will marvel at the modern art that breathes new life into the classic story. A superb example of paper engineering, this classic pop-up tale of "The Modern Prometheus" offers an interactive, bloodcurdling experience while remaining true to the original version.


Mary Shelley (1797–1851) was a British writer and editor best known for her 1818 masterpiece Frankenstein. David Hawcock is the paper engineer of Universe’s Architecture Pop-Up and Dracula. Claire Bampton and Anthony Williams have, respectively, written and illustrated numerous books for children.