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Getting More
How to Negotiate to Achieve Your Goals in the Real World
Written by Stuart Diamond

Getting More
Enlarge View

Category: Business & Economics - Negotiating
Imprint: Crown Business
Format: Hardcover
Pub Date: December 2010
Price: $26.00
Can. Price: $30.00
ISBN: 978-0-307-71689-7 (0-307-71689-9)
Pages: 416
Also available as an unabridged audiobook download, eBook and a trade paperback.

World-leading negotiation expert Stuart Diamond, professor of the most sought-after class at Wharton Business School and advisor to companies and governments worldwide on how to negotiate, reveals the real secrets behind getting more in any negotiation. Negotiation is the basic process of all human interaction but, Diamond contends, most people are terrible at it. We use power over people, causing retaliation. We think the world is rational, when it’s not. We get emotional and distracted from our goals. We punish when we can get more with positive incentives. In Getting More, Diamond offers a powerful toolkit for how to get more of what you want in the real world. Most of these strategies are “invisible” to most people–unless they are pointed out. Here are a few of the surprising and practical rules and strategies that Getting More offers:

· Always communicate even when you hate them.

· Be incremental instead of going for the fences.

· Trade off things valued differently by each party.

· Valuing people gets you more in return.

Comments about Stuart Diamond and his negotiation course:

“Of all of the important things I learned during my M.B.A. studies, the skills I developed in Stuart Diamond’s negotiations course are the ones that I use every day. His teachings are Practical, immediately applicable, and highly effective.”
– Evan Wittenberg, Head of Global Leadership Development, Google

“I rely on Stuart Diamond’s negotiation tools every day.”
– Christian Hernandez, Head of International Business Development, Facebook, London, UK

“The best teaching I’ve ever had in my life; I have been constantly using Professor Diamond’s tools for the past 15 years.”
– Luiz A. Sette, Associate General Counsel, Lead Attorney Worldwide Commercial Legal Group, Microsoft Corporation

“Prof Diamond unravels the mystery to getting more. I continue to be amazed by how effectively these simple tools work. Devoting a few hours to this book will give the reader a massive advantage in any negotiation.”
– Stephanie Camp, Senior Digital Strategist, Microsoft, Former student, Wharton MBA 2006

“The best training of my life… Stuart Diamond equipped me with the tools to be more effective in all of life’s pursuits.”
– Larry B. Loftus, Head of Procter & Gamble Far East

“The best class ever at Google – it should be required for all sales people. I know I will use all of my newly-realized tools for the rest of my life.”
– Patrick Grandinetti, Senior Manager, Google

“The best training we have ever received on this or any subject. The benefits were immediate and tangible.”
– John Sobel, Former Senior VP, Secretary and General Counsel, Yahoo

“I would rate this course as the crown jewel. It changed my fundamental way of thinking. I find myself constantly applying the tools I learned from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed.”
– Ravi Radhakrishnan, Senior Manager, Accenture

“If I had spent my entire tuition at USC to take only your course it would have been well worth it – the most valuable class ever, including the U of Chicago, Skidmore and UCLA.”
– Beth S. Brandegee, MBA, USC 1996

“In the years since I graduated, it has become clear that there is one class that has paid for my entire education – negotiation. I was able to sell an asset that I purchased for $1 to a public company for $450,000. It was a direct result of what I learned in the class.”
– Bradford S. Oberwager, CEO, Sundia Corporation

“There have been hundreds and hundreds of situations where what I learned has made the difference.”
– Robert Silver, Executive Director, UBS

“I’m one of Stuart Diamond’s biggest fans – he taught me more than anyone that I can recall.”
– Rob McIntosh, Procurement Director, Dell

“I am living proof that this course does pay! I saved $245 million for my company.”
– Richard T. Morena, CFO, Asbury Park Press

“This class is not about being right, or getting everything you want, but about how to get MORE in every negotiation you take part in. Negotiations are more about people and process than ‘facts.’”
– Vinay Nadkarni, Vice President, Citigroup

“The most helpful and memorable class of my MBA – and Stuart Diamond is a most dynamic professor.”
– Ken Shidler, Managing Director, Citigroup

“I have used these tools to help with everything from convincing the manager of a packed restaurant to seat me immediately with no reservation to negotiating a large increase in the compensation of a job I accepted. Stuart Diamond’s class made me a more persuasive person, has changed the way I interact with people, and has dramatically improved my success in reaching better agreements of every type.”
– Daniel J. Karp, Director, Worldwide Business Development, Pfizer

“Through more than 20 years of hiring, and working at General Electric’s Leadership Training Institute, I have seen hundreds of the very best teachers from all over the world. Stuart Diamond exceeds their standards. His passion for excellence reinforced my belief that it is really possible to make a difference.”
– Pat Scott, President, Professional Development Associates

“There isn’t an hour that goes by in my personal and professional lives when I DON’T use the learnings from your class.”
– Bill Ruhl, Director, National Customer Service Operations, Verizon

“By far the best class I’ve ever taken.”
– Greg Schorr, Managing Director, Crescent Capital

“These negotiation tools encourage women to use their differences as advantages in the negotiations process. In business, this lesson is critical. Both empowering and enabling, the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is the most valuable instrument of all.”
– Umber Ahmad, Executive Director, Platinum Gate Capital Management

“[The negotiations course] was the most personally and professionally enriching class I took. It has definitely made me self-aware to an extent that I never thought I could achieve.”
– Kaushik Kapisthalam, Boston Consulting Group

“The best, most practical course I had in business school. From the negotiation checklist to the case studies, I loved every minute.”
– Eric Stark, President, USC Marshall School of Business Alumni Association

“I still use so much of what I learned. It has become second nature. Stuart Diamond is my hero still.”
– Herman Chandiramani, CFO, Coolidge Wall

“Great professors make great courses and Stuart Diamond exemplifies that.”
– Manish Maheshwari, Head of New Market Development, Intuit

“I’m still working off the tools and concepts I learned from Stuart Diamond 10 years ago.”
– Josh Kalish, Partner, Kalish Consulting Group

“Stuart Diamond is the ‘Master of Negotiation.’ His unique techniques give us an unfair advantage during complex negotiation processes.”
– Robin Khuda, Group CFO, Pipe Networks

“It was an awesome class – certainly the most useful and practical one I’ve taken at Wharton.”
– Mohamed Siddeek, MBA, Wharton Business School 2006

“The most valuable tools in my 15 years in sales, marketing and business development.”
– Sandeep Sawhney, Director Business Development, The Weather Channel

“Your negotiation skills about getting more were refreshing and the best we’ve ever seen.”
– Al Weber, Regional Sales Manager, Eli Lilly

“Both my husband (who didn’t even attend Wharton) and I are avid fans of your negotiation tools and techniques, having used them effectively on everything from real estate transactions to job offers to business negotiations at my company.”
– Bonnie Niederstrasser, MBA, Wharton Business School 2005

“What I learned in your class has paid a lifetime of dividends.”
– JC Huang, Venture Capital and Private Equity Investor

“My favorite professor at Wharton!”
– Julia Dare, MBA, Wharton Business School 1996

“Definitely the most widely applicable class from Wharton and one that has had the biggest direct impact on my personal situation. It will have a lasting impact on my life.”
– Phil Renton, Product Manager, Sakonnet Technology

“Your course on negotiation has proven to be the most valuable of my two years in the Executive MBA program at the Wharton Business School. It imparted a framework and tools that every good manager needs to make the crucial link between conceptual thinking and implementation. This ability has clearly improved my business and personal life and those around me. Thank you.”
– Randall P. Ment, Owner, Ment Brothers Iron Works

“Yours was the best class I took at Wharton.”
– Noah Kaye, MBA candidate, Wharton Business School 2010

“Nine years after your class, I continue to be amazed at how advantageous it is to have been privy to the lessons from your class. Just yesterday I was negotiating a $200 million cross-collateralized real estate transaction with stakeholders from all over the country and putting into practice the principles I learned from you. I regularly share this knowledge with my team and can’t wait to get the book to share with them also.”
– Stephen Monkewicz, Branch Chief, Real Estate Acquisition Officer, GSA

“…I have personally presided over practically every aspect of training and development for the past 15 years of my professional life and I can unequivocally say that Stuart Diamond is the best instructor, communicator and course developer I have encountered.”
– Susan M. Dunning, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer County NY

“As someone who was looking forward to this class even before I began my studies, I can say that it exceeded my expectations. I feel confident in saying that every single one of my classmates and I benefited enormously from this class. You have opened up our minds to look for and make opportunities where we can ‘get more.”
– Paul Yoo, President and COO, US Patriot

“…the single best one-day workshop I have attended. I thought I knew a lot about negotiation tactics. Your teaching methods insure that the strategies will last well beyond the workshop and become a lifelong skill.”
– Roy A. Evans, Regional Sales Manager, HNC Software

“I still use the tools from your class on a daily basis. Your class was one of the most valuable classes that I had at Wharton, perhaps even the most valuable.”
– Evan Karnoupakis, MBA, Wharton Business School 1999

“I was your student 12 years ago. Your negotiations class has only become more valuable and more relevant as my career has progressed. I find many of the day to day [business] discussions can also be negotiations – as you had wisely advised.”
– Elizabeth Matsumoto, Regional General Manager, Travel Partner Network JAPA at American Express Business Travel

“Thank you for your negotiation classes, they were enlightening.”
– Bernardo Ferraz, Associate, McKinsey & Company

“I LOVED the class – and learned a tremendous amount. It will positively change my life.”
– Thomas Fredell, Co-Founder, Stealth Mode Startup

“The course was exceptionally well-structured and it was extremely useful for me to find out my own negotiation styles at the end with comparison to others.”
– Toshie Kabuto, Investment Officer, The World Bank

“As you said in the beginning, this class is changing my life! I used to be quite fearful about doing negotiation. Your class changed my perspective and I am more confident in doing negotiations now.”
– Jay Chen, VP/Equity Analyst, Wellington Management Company

“The course has been absolutely wonderful. I had heard things about the class and Professor Diamond both from Penn Law and Wharton students, but never knew how the lessons would be applicable to my everyday life. I have seen some clear changes in how I interact with people and still have lots of negotiation challenges to learn from and overcome.”
– Anita Choi, JD-MBA Candidate, Penn Law School 2010

“My favorite class!”
– Maz Sharafi, Head of Local Sales and Partnerships and Global Sales Operations at Facebook, MBA, Wharton Business School 2008

“Please know how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to take your excellent course…and am most appreciative of your brilliant analysis.”
– William K. Dabaghi, Managing Member at Maxima International
For additional testimonials, please visit www.gettingmore.com


STUART DIAMOND is one of the world's foremost experts and teachers on negotiation. He advises 200 of the Fortune 500 companies and firms in the country, from Microsoft and IBM to Amazon and Sprint. His course on negotiation has been rated the most popular at Wharton for the last ten years. A former associate director of the Harvard Negotiation Project at the Harvard Law School, he is currently president of Global Strategy Group. He holds a JD from Harvard Law School and an MBA from Wharton. In a previous life, Diamond was a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter for the New York Times, where in the 1980s he wrote over 90 front-page stories. He has appeared on Today and Good Morning America.