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Chinua Achebe

Chinua Achebe was born in Nigeria in 1930. His first novel, Things Falls Apart, became a classic of international literature and required reading for students worldwide. He also authored four subsequent novels, two short-story collections, and numerous other books. He was the David and Marianna Fisher University Professor and Professor of Africana Studies at Brown University and, for over 15 years, was the Charles P. Stevenson Jr. Professor of Languages and Literature at Bard College. In 2007, Achebe was awarded the Man Booker International Prize for lifetime achievement. He died in 2013.

. Chinua Achebe
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The African Trilogy
Written by Chinua Achebe, Introduction by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Everyman's Library | Hardcover | January 2010
$30.00/37.00(Canada) | 978-0-307-59270-5 (0-307-59270-7)

Here, collected for the first time in Everyman’s Library, are the three internationally acclaimed classic novels that comprise what has come to be known as Chinua Achebe’s “African Trilogy.”

Beginning with the best-selling Things Fall Apart—on the heels of its fiftieth anniversary—The African Trilogy captures a society caught between its traditional roots... Read more

Anthills of the Savannah
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | February 1997
$14.00/0.00(Canada) | 978-0-385-26045-9 (0-385-26045-8)

In the fictional West African nation Kangan, newly independent of British rule, the hopes and dreams of democracy have been quashed by a fierce military dictatorship. Chris Oriko is a member of the cabinet of the president for life, one of his oldest friends. When the president is charged with censoring...

Read more

Chike and the River
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | August 2011
$10.00/11.00(Canada) | 978-0-307-47386-8 (0-307-47386-4)

The more Chike saw the ferry-boats the more he wanted to make the trip to Asaba. But where would he get the money? He did not know. Still, he hoped.

Eleven-year-old Chike longs to cross the Niger River to the city of Asaba, but he doesn’t have the sixpence he needs to...

Read more

Collected Poems
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | August 2004
$14.00/17.00(Canada) | 978-1-4000-7658-1 (1-4000-7658-7)

Read more

The Education of a British-Protected Child
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | October 2010
$14.95/0.00(Canada) | 978-0-307-47367-7 (0-307-47367-8)

From the celebrated author of Things Fall Apart comes a new collection of autobiographical essays—his first new book in more than twenty years.

Chinua Achebe’s characteristically eloquent and nuanced voice is everywhere present in these seventeen beautifully written pieces. From a vivid portrait of growing up in colonial Nigeria to considerations on...

Read more

Contemporary World Literature
Written by Chinua Achebe, Isabel Allende, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Naguib Mahfouz and V.S. Naipaul
Everyman's Library | Hardcover | December 2010
$165.95/204.85(Canada) | 978-0-307-70082-7 (0-307-70082-8)

An extraordinary collection of renowned world literature including Nobel Prize winners and beloved fiction writers in beautiful, enduring hardcover editions with elegant cloth sewn bindings, gold stamped covers, and silk ribbon markers.

Titles included:
The African Trilogy by Chinua Achebe
The Cairo Trilogy by Naguib Mahfouz
A House for Mr. Biswas by V. S. Naipaul
The... Read more

Girls at War
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | August 1991
$14.00/0.00(Canada) | 978-0-385-41896-6 (0-385-41896-5)

Twelve stories by the internationally renowned novelist which recreate with energy and authenticity the major social and political issues that confront contemporary Africans on a daily basis. Read more

Home and Exile
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | September 2001
$12.00/13.00(Canada) | 978-0-385-72133-2 (0-385-72133-1)

More personally revealing than anything Achebe has written, Home and Exile-the great Nigerian novelist's first book in more than ten years-is a major statement on the importance of stories as real sources of power, especially for those whose stories have traditionally been told by outsiders.

In three elegant essays, Achebe seeks to... Read more

Hopes and Impediments
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | September 1990
$14.00/0.00(Canada) | 978-0-385-41479-1 (0-385-41479-X)

One of the most provocative and original voices in contemporary literature, Chinua Achebe here considers the place of literature and art in our society in a collection of essays spanning his best writing and lectures from the last twenty-three years. For Achebe, overcoming goes hand in hand with eradicating the destructive... Read more

No Longer at Ease
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | September 1994
$13.95/0.00(Canada) | 978-0-385-47455-9 (0-385-47455-5)

The second book in Achebe’s “African trilogy”: A classic story of personal and moral struggle as well as turbulent social conflict.

When Obi Okonkwo—grandson of Okonkwo, the main character in Things Fall Apart—returns to Nigeria from England in the 1950s, his foreign education separates him from his African roots. He’s becoming... Read more

Things Fall Apart
Written by Chinua Achebe, Introduction by Kwame Anthony Appiah
Everyman's Library | Hardcover | October 1995
$19.95/23.95(Canada) | 978-0-679-44623-1 (0-679-44623-0)

THINGS FALL APART tells two overlapping, intertwining stories, both of which center around Okonkwo, a “strong man” of an Ibo village in Nigeria. The first of these stories traces Okonkwo's fall from grace with the tribal world in which he lives, and in its classical purity of line and economical beauty... Read more

Things Fall Apart
Written by Chinua Achebe
Anchor | Trade Paperback | September 1994
$12.00/0.00(Canada) | 978-0-385-47454-2 (0-385-47454-7)

Things Fall Apart tells two intertwining stories, both centering on Okonkwo, a “strong man” of an Ibo village in Nigeria. The first, a powerful fable of the immemorial conflict between the individual and society, traces Okonkwo’s fall from grace with the tribal world. The second, as modern as the first is... Read more