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Edward Mendelson

Edward Mendelson is a professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University. He is the literary executor of W. H. Auden’s estate and the editor of Auden’s complete works. Among his previous books are Early Auden, Later Auden, and editions of novels by Anthony Trollope, George Meredith, Thomas Hardy, H. G. Wells, and Arnold Bennett. He lives in New York City with his wife and son.

. Edward Mendelson
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Photo © Shannon Taggart

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Auden: Poems
Written by W. H. Auden, Edited by Edward Mendelson
Everyman's Library | Hardcover | May 1995
$14.95/17.95(Canada) | 978-0-679-44367-4 (0-679-44367-3)

The Everyman's Library Pocket Poets hardcover series is popular for its compact size and reasonable price which does not compromise content. Poems: Auden is just another reminder of his exhilarating lyric power and his understanding of love and longing in all their sacred and profane guises. One of English poetry's great... Read more

Collected Poems
Written by W. H. Auden, Edited by Edward Mendelson
Modern Library | Hardcover | February 2007
$40.00/50.00(Canada) | 978-0-679-64350-0 (0-679-64350-8)

To commemorate the centennial of W. H. Auden’s birth, the Modern Library offers this elegant edition of the collected poems of one of the greatest poets of the twentieth century.

This volume includes all the poems that Auden wished to preserve, in a text that includes his final revisions, with corrections... Read more

Selected Poems
Written by W. H. Auden, Edited by Edward Mendelson
Vintage | Trade Paperback | February 2007
$16.00/19.95(Canada) | 978-0-307-27808-1 (0-307-27808-5)

This significantly expanded edition of W. H. Auden’s Selected Poems adds twenty poems to the hundred in the original edition, broadening its focus to better reflect the enormous wealth of form, rhetoric, tone, and content in Auden’s work. Newly included are such favorites as “Funeral Blues” and other works that represent... Read more

The Things That Matter
Written by Edward Mendelson
Anchor | Trade Paperback | November 2007
$15.95/18.95(Canada) | 978-0-307-27522-6 (0-307-27522-1)

She felt rather inclined just for a moment to stand still after all that chatter, and pick out one particular thing; the thing that mattered . . .

Virginia Woolf, To The Lighthouse


An illuminating exploration of how seven of the greatest English novels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries—Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights, Jane...

Read more

Written by H. G. Wells, Edited by Patrick Parrinder, Introduction by Edward Mendelson, Noted by Edward Mendelson
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | June 2005
$17.00/23.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-144111-5 (0-14-144111-9)

One of the greatest of all satires of the power of advertising and the modern press

Presented as a miraculous cure-all, Tono-Bungay is in fact nothing other than a pleasant-tasting liquid with no positive effects. Nonetheless, when the young George Ponderevo is employed by his Uncle Edward to help market this ineffective... Read more