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Jonathan Coe

JONATHAN COE's awards include the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, the Prix du Meilleur Livre Étranger, the Prix Médicis Étranger, and the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize for Comic Writing. He lives in London with his wife and their two daughters.


. Jonathan Coe
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The Closed Circle
Written by Jonathan Coe
Vintage | Trade Paperback | June 2006
$16.95/18.95(Canada) | 978-0-375-71395-8 (0-375-71395-6)

The characters of The Rotters’ Club–Jonathan Coe’s beloved novel of adolescent life in the 1970s–have bartered their innocence for the vengeance of middle age in this incisive portrait of Cool Britannia at the millennium. Read more

The House of Sleep
Written by Jonathan Coe
Vintage | Trade Paperback | April 1999
$16.95/22.95(Canada) | 978-0-375-70088-0 (0-375-70088-9)

Winner of the Writers' Guild Best Fiction Award in England and the Prix Médicis in France

Like a surreal and highly caffeinated version of The Big Chill, Jonathan Coe's new novel follows four students who knew each other in college in the eighties. Sarah is a narcoleptic who has dreams so vivid... Read more

Middle England
Written by Jonathan Coe
Knopf | Hardcover | August 2019
$27.95/36.95(Canada) | 978-0-525-65647-0 (0-525-65647-2)

From the acclaimed author of The Rotters' Club and The Closed Circle comes the novel for our strange contemporary times.

Beginning nine years ago on the outskirts of Birmingham, where car factories have been replaced by chain retail, and London, where both frenzied riots and Olympic fever plague the streets, Middle England... Read more

Number 11
Written by Jonathan Coe
Vintage | Trade Paperback | December 2017
$16.95/22.95(Canada) | 978-1-101-97280-9 (1-101-97280-7)

Beginning in the early years of this century, Number 11 follows two friends, Alison and Rachel, as they come of age. As the narrative progresses from the aftermath of the Iraq War to the present day, its scope broadens to include others who are variously connected to these two girls: Alison’s... Read more

The Rain Before It Falls
Written by Jonathan Coe
Vintage | Trade Paperback | March 2009
$14.95/16.95(Canada) | 978-0-307-38816-2 (0-307-38816-6)

As a young girl, Rosamond is sent to Shropshire to escape the Blitz. Here, in the countryside, she forms a close bond with her older cousin, Beatrix, a young woman haunted by anger and resentment.

Sixty years later, just before her death, Rosamond records her memories on cassettes, addressing them to a... Read more

The Rotters' Club
Written by Jonathan Coe
Vintage | Trade Paperback | February 2003
$16.95/19.95(Canada) | 978-0-375-71312-5 (0-375-71312-3)

Birmingham, England, c. 1973: industrial strikes, bad pop music, corrosive class warfare, adolescent angst, IRA bombings. Four friends: a class clown who stoops very low for a laugh; a confused artist enthralled by guitar rock; an earnest radical with socialist leanings; and a quiet dreamer obsessed with poetry, God, and the... Read more

The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim
Written by Jonathan Coe
Vintage | Trade Paperback | March 2012
$15.95/18.95(Canada) | 978-0-307-74215-5 (0-307-74215-6)

Maxwell Sim can’t seem to make a single meaningful connection. He maintains an e-mail correspondence with his estranged wife, though under a false identity; his incomprehensible teenage daughter prefers her BlackBerry to his conversation; and his childhood best friend refuses to return his calls. In an attempt to get out of...

Read more

The Winshaw Legacy
Written by Jonathan Coe
Vintage | Trade Paperback | January 1996
$17.95/20.50(Canada) | 978-0-679-75405-3 (0-679-75405-9)

If Charles Dickens and Agatha Christie had ever managed to collaborate, they might have produced this shamelessly entertaining novel, which introduces readers to what may be the most powerful family in England--and is certainly the vilest. A tour de force of menace, malicious comedy, and torrential social bile, this book marks... Read more

A Heart So White
Written by Javier Marķas, Introduction by Jonathan Coe
Vintage | Trade Paperback | March 2013
$16.00/21.00(Canada) | 978-0-307-95076-5 (0-307-95076-X)

Winner of the IMPAC Dublin Award, and widely considered Javier Marías's masterpiece, A Heart So White is a breathtaking novel about family secrets that chronicles the relentless power of the past.

Juan knows little of the interior life of his father Ranz; but when Juan marries, he begins to consider the... Read more