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John E. Woods


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The Girls of Room 28
Written by Hannelore Brenner, Translated by John E. Woods and Shelley Frisch
Schocken | Hardcover | September 2009
$27.50/32.00(Canada) | 978-0-8052-4244-7 (0-8052-4244-9)

From 1942 to 1944, twelve thousand children passed through the Theresienstadt internment camp, near Prague, on their way to Auschwitz. Only a few hundred of them survived the war. In The Girls of Room 28, ten of these childrenmothers and grandmothers today in their seventiestell us how they did it.

The... Read more

Doctor Faustus
Written by Thomas Mann, Translated by John E. Woods
Vintage | Trade Paperback | July 1999
$16.95/21.00(Canada) | 978-0-375-70116-0 (0-375-70116-8)

"John E. Woods is revising our impression of Thomas Mann, masterpiece by masterpiece."  --The New Yorker

"Doctor Faustus is Mann's deepest artistic gesture. . . . Finely translated by John E. Woods." --The New Republic

Thomas Mann's last great novel, first published in 1947 and now newly rendered into English by acclaimed translator John... Read more

Joseph and His Brothers
Written by Thomas Mann, Translated by John E. Woods, Introduction by John E. Woods
Everyman's Library | Hardcover | May 2005
$42.00/55.00(Canada) | 978-1-4000-4001-8 (1-4000-4001-9)


This remarkable new translation of the Nobel Prize-winner’s great masterpiece is a major literary event.


Thomas Mann regarded his monumental retelling of the biblical story of Joseph as his magnum opus. He conceived of the four parts–The Stories of Jacob, Young Joseph, Joseph in Egypt, and Joseph the Provider–as a unified narrative...

Read more

The Magic Mountain
Written by Thomas Mann, Translated by John E. Woods, Introduction by A. S. Byatt
Everyman's Library | Hardcover | June 2005
$30.00/34.00(Canada) | 978-1-4000-4421-4 (1-4000-4421-9)


With this dizzyingly rich novel of ideas, Thomas Mann rose to the front ranks of the great modern novelists, winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1929. The Magic Mountain takes place in an exclusive tuberculosis sanatorium in the Swiss Alps–a community devoted to sickness that serves as a fictional microcosm...

Read more

One More Story
Written by Ingo Schulze, Translated by John E. Woods
Knopf | Hardcover | March 2010
$25.95/30.00(Canada) | 978-0-307-27104-4 (0-307-27104-8)

“A literary event” (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung): thirteen new stories from one of Germany’s finest writers.

New Year’s Eve 1999, Berlin. At a party to kick off the twenty-first century, Frank Reichert meets Julia, his lost love. Since their separation in the fall of 1989, he’s drifted through life like an exile, remaining... Read more