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Tajuana Butler

Writer and poet Tajuana Butler has written a debut novel about friendship, love, and the things that matter most in life. Sorority Sisters marks Butler as a fresh new voice in African-American fiction.

. Tajuana Butler

Photo © Robert Zuckerman

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Hand-me-down Heartache
Written by Tajuana Butler
Villard | Trade Paperback | April 2003
$12.95/16.95(Canada) | 978-0-8129-6833-0 (0-8129-6833-6)

Nina Lander is a recent college grad, struggling to be independent, who has moved back home with her parents as she tries to start a career in sports broadcasting. But she’s increasingly frustrated with both her father’s treatment of her mother and her mother’s acceptance of her own unhappy life.

Though Nina... Read more

Just My Luck
Written by Tajuana Butler
One World | Trade Paperback | April 2006
$13.95/18.95(Canada) | 978-0-8129-6799-9 (0-8129-6799-2)

Today is no ordinary day for thirty-eight-year-old Lanita Lightfoot. Today represents the culmination of years of struggle and sacrifice. Today she graduates from college. But first, Lanita’s husband treats her to a day of beauty at an upscale black salon in Los Angeles, during which she shares her story with the... Read more

The Night Before Thirty
Written by Tajuana Butler
One World/Strivers Row | Trade Paperback | March 2005
$12.95/17.95(Canada) | 978-0-8129-6798-2 (0-8129-6798-4)

New, from the number one bestselling author of Hand-me-down Heartache and Sorority Sisters, a novel about five women on the verge of turning thirty, whose lives are changed forever when they meet through a national radio contest

At first glance, you couldn’t find five women more different.

Catara is a personal shopper... Read more

Sorority Sisters
Written by Tajuana Butler
Villard | Trade Paperback | September 2001
$12.95/19.95(Canada) | 978-0-375-75758-7 (0-375-75758-9)

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for developing me into a
beautiful and talented woman.
Thank you for being my protector
and my guide.
And as I make my way along my journey,
bless me with the wisdom to make
intelligent choices.

So begins Sorority Sisters by Tajuana "TJ" Butler, a dazzling new voice in African-American fiction. In this wonderful... Read more