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Christopher Buckley

CHRISTROPHER BUCKLEY is an American novelist and political satirist known for writing  Supreme CourtshipBoomsday, and Thank You for Smoking. He is Editor-at-Large of ForbesLife magazine, and was awarded the Thurber Prize for American Humor and the Washington Irving Medal for Literary Excellence. He lives on the Acela train between Washington, DC, and New York City.

. Christopher Buckley
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The Stories of Ray Bradbury
Written by Ray Bradbury, Introduction by Christopher Buckley
Everyman's Library | Hardcover | April 2010
$35.00/47.00(Canada) | 978-0-307-26905-8 (0-307-26905-1)

One hundred of Ray Bradbury’s remarkable stories which have, together with his classic novels, earned him an immense international audience and his place among the most imaginative and enduring writers of our time.

Here are the Martian stories, tales that vividly animate the red planet, with its brittle cities and double-mooned sky... Read more

Florence of Arabia
Written by Christopher Buckley
Random House Trade Paperbacks | Trade Paperback | September 2005
$15.00/17.00(Canada) | 978-0-8129-7226-9 (0-8129-7226-0)

The bestselling author who made mincemeat of political correctness in Thank You for Smoking, conspiracy theories in Little Green Men, and Presidential indiscretions No Way to Treat a First Lady now takes on the hottest topic in the entire world–Arab-American relations–in a blistering comic novel sure to offend the few it... Read more

No Way to Treat a First Lady
Written by Christopher Buckley
Random House Trade Paperbacks | Trade Paperback | October 2003
$16.00/21.00(Canada) | 978-0-375-75875-1 (0-375-75875-5)

A New York Times Notable Book of the Year

Elizabeth Tyler MacMann, the ambitious First Lady of the United States (and known in the tabloids as “Lady Bethmac”), is on trial for the death of her philandering husband, and the only man who can save her is the boyfriend she jilted in... Read more

Thank You for Smoking
Written by Christopher Buckley
Random House Trade Paperbacks | Trade Paperback | February 2006
$16.00/21.00(Canada) | 978-0-8129-7652-6 (0-8129-7652-5)

Nobody blows smoke like Nick Naylor. He’s a spokesman for the Academy of Tobacco Studies–in other words, a flack for cigarette companies, paid to promote their product on talk and news shows. The problem? He’s so good at his job, so effortlessly unethical, that he’s become a target for both anti-tobacco... Read more

The White House Mess
Written by Christopher Buckley
Penguin Books | Trade Paperback | May 1995
$16.00/21.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-024928-6 (0-14-024928-1)

At last, a White House reminiscence that pulls no punches! Herbert Wadlough, personal assistant to President N. Tucker (TNT), offers his unique and utterly self-serving inside view of the historic years 1989-1993 of the ill-fated Tucker administration, in which he played such a crucial role. From the inauguration crisis—when President Reagan... Read more

Moby- Dick
Written by Herman Melville, Afterword by Christopher Buckley, Introduction by Elizabeth Renker
Signet | Paperback | July 2013
$5.95/6.99(Canada) | 978-0-451-53228-2 (0-451-53228-7)

Herman Melville's thrilling nautical adventure—a timeless allegory and an epic saga of heroic determination and conflict.

At the heart of Moby-Dick is the powerful, unknowable sea—and Captain Ahab, a brooding, one-legged fanatic who has sworn vengeance on the mammoth white whale that crippled him. Narrated by Ishmael, a wayfarer who joins... Read more