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Bryn Barnard

BRYN BARNARD is an author and illustrator whose previous books include Outbreak: Plagues that Changed History and Dangerous Planet: Natural Disasters that Changed History.  His artwork for Outbreak has been on display across the country, including at the National Institutes of Health in Washington, D.C., and at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia.


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The Genius of Islam
Written by Bryn Barnard
Knopf Books for Young Readers | Hardcover | April 2011
$17.99/19.99(Canada) | 978-0-375-84072-2 (0-375-84072-9)

The Middle Ages were a period of tremendous cultural and scientific advancement in the Islamic Empire—ideas and inventions that shaped our world. 
Did you know that:
• The numbers you use every day (Arabic numerals!) are a Muslim invention?
• The marching band you hear at football games has its roots in the... Read more

Discovery in the Cave
Written by Mark Dubowski, Illustrated by Bryn Barnard
Random House Books for Young Readers | Trade Paperback | May 2010
$3.99/4.99(Canada) | 978-0-375-85893-2 (0-375-85893-8)

This amazing true adventure story about the discovery of the Lascaux Cave will have young readers feeling that they've discovered something pretty special, too!


In 1940, four teenage boys and a dog dropped themselves into a hole in the forest floor. Using a flaming grease gun as a torch, they ventured deep...

Read more

Outbreak! Plagues That Changed History
Written by Bryn Barnard
Crown Books for Young Readers | Hardcover | November 2005
$17.99/20.99(Canada) | 978-0-375-82986-4 (0-375-82986-5)

Did the Black Death destroy the feudal system? Did cholera pave the way for modern Manhattan? Did yellow fever help end the slave trade? Remarkably, the answer to all of these questions is yes. Time and again, diseases have impacted the course of human history in surprisingly powerful ways. From influenza... Read more

The Look-It-Up Book of Explorers
Written by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, Illustrated by Bryn Barnard
Random House Books for Young Readers | Trade Paperback | July 2004
$19.99/24.99(Canada) | 978-0-375-82478-4 (0-375-82478-2)

How did early explorers navigate? Who was the first human to reach outer space? When did the first person reach the North Pole? Kids can find the answers to these questions and many more in this easy-to-use family reference book! Packed with important facts, The Look-It-Up Book of Explorers features 40... Read more

Written by Shirley Raye Redmond, Illustrated by Bryn Barnard
Random House Books for Young Readers | Trade Paperback | May 2003
$3.99/5.99(Canada) | 978-0-375-81307-8 (0-375-81307-1)

For centuries, sailors have handed down stories of the giant squid. They say this mysterious monster of the deep chases ships and battles whales. They say it can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and that its eyes can be as big as a human head! Are these stories fact or fantasy?... Read more

Gorillas: Gentle Giants of the Forest
Written by Joyce Milton, Illustrated by Bryn Barnard
Random House Books for Young Readers | Trade Paperback | March 1997
$3.99/5.99(Canada) | 978-0-679-87284-9 (0-679-87284-1)

What should you do if a gorilla charges right at you? Run away, climb a tree, or make a scary face? Find out the surprising answer and much more in this nonfiction book packed with amazing gorilla facts.   Read more