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Shana Abe

Shana Abé is the author of The Sweetest Dark, The Time Weaver, The Treasure Keeper, Queen of Dragons, The Dream Thief, and The Smoke Thief.

. Shana Abe
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Photo © Nikos Kopidakis

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The Dream Thief
Written by Shana Abe
Bantam | Paperback | August 2007
$6.99/9.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-58805-7 (0-553-58805-2)

In the remote hills of northern England lives a powerful clan with a centuries-old secret. They are the drákon, shape-shifters who possess the ability to Turn—changing from human to smoke to dragon. And from the very stones of the earth, they hear hypnotic songs of beauty and wonder. But there is... Read more

Intimate Enemies
Written by Shana Abe
Bantam | Paperback | June 2000
$6.99/9.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-58199-7 (0-553-58199-6)

From Shana Abé, author of The Truelove Bride and A Kiss at Midnight, comes this exquisitely emotional, beautifully written novel about two warring clans on a Scottish isle united by a fragile pact... and the hearts of two unforgettable lovers.

Lauren MacRae is only a woman. But her father's death has left... Read more

The Last Mermaid
Written by Shana Abe
Bantam | Paperback | June 2004
$7.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-58497-4 (0-553-58497-9)

Shana Abé has entranced countless readers with her passion-filled novels of adventure, intrigue, and romance. Now the author of The Secret Swan delivers a gift from the sea: three hauntingly beautiful tales connected by a legend, a locket, and a love beyond time.

531 a.d.: The tiny island of Kell is... Read more

Queen of Dragons
Written by Shana Abe
Bantam | Paperback | November 2008
$6.99/8.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-58806-4 (0-553-58806-0)

They are the stuff of glittering legend, supersensual creatures able to shape-shift from human to smoke to dragon. Now they face an enemy determined to destroy their dazzling world of magic and passion. Queen of Dragons It’s a stunning claim: the existence of a lost drákon tribe. And it comes from... Read more

The Secret Swan
Written by Shana Abe
Bantam | Paperback | April 2001
$7.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-58200-0 (0-553-58200-3)

Shana Abé has captured the imagination of readers everywhere with her superbly sensual tales of forbidden love. Now she weaves the exquisite story of a man and woman torn apart by fate — who realize years later that love's second bloom is the one that matters most.

At fifteen Lady Amiranth St... Read more

The Smoke Thief
Written by Shana Abe
Bantam | Paperback | September 2006
$6.99/9.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-58804-0 (0-553-58804-4)

For centuries they’ve lived in secret among northern England’s green and misted hills. Creatures of extraordinary beauty, power, and sensuality, they possess the ability to shape-shift from human to dragon and back again. Now their secret–and their survival–is threatened by a temptation that will break every boundary...

Dubbed the Smoke Thief, a... Read more

The Time Weaver
Written by Shana Abe
Bantam | Paperback | May 2011
$7.99/8.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-59123-1 (0-553-59123-1)

From award-winning author Shana Abé comes the fifth novel in her paranormal Drákon series—featuring a glittering world of supersensual creatures that can shape-shift from human to smoke to dragon.

Honor Carlisle may have been born into the drákon clan but she’s always felt like a stranger to her kin—an intuition that proves...

Read more

The Treasure Keeper
Written by Shana Abe
Dell | Paperback | April 2010
$7.99/9.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-59122-4 (0-553-59122-3)

She is a young drákon of untried powers. He is the powerful second son of the Alpha male from their clan of shapeshifting, supersensual beings. And what she is about to attempt will violate every taboo and break every law that bind the drákon together—and just may save them from destruction.

A... Read more

The Truelove Bride
Written by Shana Abe
Bantam | Paperback | June 1999
$6.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-58054-9 (0-553-58054-X)

The curse will last one hundred full years...

A notoriously fierce soldier, Marcus Kincardine wears his clan's tartan as a symbol of his heritage--and a reminder of the curse that haunts his kin. To rid them of this evil, the legend says, Marcus must wed a fabled warrior maiden with hair like... Read more