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Mary Shelley

The daughter of Mary Wollestonecraft, the ardent feminist and author of A Vindication on the Right of Women, and William Godwin, the radical-anarchist philosopher and author of Lives of the Necromancers, Mary Goodwin was born into a freethinking, revolutionary household in London on August 30,1797. Educated mainly by her intellectual surroundings, she had little formal schooling and at 16 eloped with the young poet Percy Bysshe Shelley; they eventually married in 1816. Mary Shelley’s life had many tragic elements. Her mother died giving birth to Mary; her half-sister committed suicide; Harriet Shelley (Percy’s wife) drowned herself and her unborn child after he ran off with... Read More


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Written by Mary Shelley, Afterword by Harold Bloom, Introduction by Douglas Clegg
Signet | Paperback | October 2013
$5.95/7.95(Canada) | 978-0-451-53224-4 (0-451-53224-4)

200 years after it was first published, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has stood the test of time as a gothic masterpiece—a classic work of humanity and horror that blurs the line between man and monster...

The story of Victor Frankenstein and the monstrous creature he created has held readers spellbound ever since it... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley, Edited by Guillermo Del Toro, Introduction by Elizabeth Kostova
Penguin Classics | Hardcover | October 2013
$23.00/24.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-312233-3 (0-14-312233-9)

Part of a new six-volume series of the best in classic horror, selected by Academy Award-winning director of The Shape of Water Guillermo del Toro

Filmmaker and longtime horror literature fan Guillermo del Toro serves as the curator for the Penguin Horror series, a new collection of classic tales and poems by masters of... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley
Puffin Books | Trade Paperback | May 2011
$7.99/9.50(Canada) | 978-0-14-241951-9 (0-14-241951-6)

Scientist Victor Frankenstein learns how to create life, but his discovery goes quickly awry when he creates a monster larger and stronger than an ordinary man. As the monster uses its power to destroy everything Victor loves, the young scientist is forced to embark on a treacherous journey to end the... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley, Edited by Maurice Hindle
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | May 2003
$10.00/13.50(Canada) | 978-0-14-143947-1 (0-14-143947-5)

The world’s most famous work of horror fiction: a devastating exploration of the limits of human creativity

Mary Shelley's timeless gothic novel presents the epic battle between man and monster at its greatest literary pitch. In trying to create life, the young student Victor Frankenstein unleashes forces beyond his control, setting into... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley, Introduction by Wendy Steiner
Modern Library | Trade Paperback | January 1999
$10.00/13.50(Canada) | 978-0-375-75341-1 (0-375-75341-9)

At the age of eighteen, Mary Shelley, while staying in the Swiss Alps with her lover Percy Shelley, Lord Byron, and others, conceived the tale of Dr. Victor Frankenstein and the monster he brings to life. The resulting book, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus, is a dark parable warning against the... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley, Introduction by Wendy Lesser
Everyman's Library | Hardcover | March 1992
$22.00/29.00(Canada) | 978-0-679-40999-1 (0-679-40999-8)


No-one in the grip of Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, with its mythic-minded hero and its highly sympathetic monster who reads Goethe and longs to be at peace with himself, can fail to notice how much more excellent the original is than all the adaptations, imitations and outright plagiarisms which have followed in...

Read more

Written by Mary Shelley
Bantam Classics | Paperback | May 1984
$5.95/7.95(Canada) | 978-0-553-21247-1 (0-553-21247-8)

"I saw the pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs of life and stir with an uneasy, half-vital motion." A summer evening's ghost stories... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley, Illustrated by Daniel Clowes, Introduction by Elizabeth Kostova, Noted by Maurice Hindle
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | September 2007
$17.00/22.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-310503-9 (0-14-310503-5)

A deluxe edition of Mary Shelley's haunting adventure about ambition and modernity run amok

Now a Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition with an introduction by Elizabeth Kostova and cover art by Ghost World creator Daniel Clowes, Mary Shelley's timeless gothic novel presents the epic battle between man and monster at its greatest literary pitch. In... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley, Illustrated by Coralie Bickford-Smith
Penguin Classics | Hardcover | September 2014
$23.00/30.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-139339-1 (0-14-139339-4)

A stunning new clothbound edition of Mary Shelley's infamous work of horror fiction, designed by the award-winning Coralie Bickford-Smith. These delectable and collectible Penguin editions are bound in high-quality colourful, tactile cloth with foil stamped into the design Obsessed by creating life itself, Victor Frankenstein plunders graveyards for the material to... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley
Vintage Espanol | Trade Paperback | September 2011
$13.95/15.95(Canada) | 978-0-307-74516-3 (0-307-74516-3)

En el verano de 1816, el poeta Percy Bysshe Shelley y su esposa Mary se reunieron con Lord Byron y su médico Polidori en una villa a orillas del lago Leman. A instancias de Lord Byron y para animar una velada tormentosa, decidieron que cada uno inventaría una historia de fantasmas. La... Read more

Frankenstein: The 1818 Text
Written by Mary Shelley, Contribution by Charlotte Gordon, Introduction by Charlotte Gordon
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | January 2018
$10.00/13.50(Canada) | 978-0-14-313184-7 (0-14-313184-2)

For the bicentennial of its first publication, Mary Shelley’s original 1818 text, introduced by National Book Critics Circle award-winner Charlotte Gordon.
2018 marks the bicentennial of Mary Shelley’s seminal novel. For the first time, Penguin Classics will publish the original 1818 text, which preserves the hard-hitting and politically-charged aspects... Read more

Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Written by Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker and Robert Louis Stevenson, Introduction by Stephen King
Signet | Paperback | December 1978
$7.95/9.99(Canada) | 978-0-451-52363-1 (0-451-52363-6)

Three horror icons come together in one indispensable tome—with an introduction by Stephen King.

“Within the pages of this volume you will come upon three of the darkest creations of English nineteenth-century literature; three of the darkest in all of English and American literature, many would say…and not without justification…These three... Read more

Mary; Maria; Matilda
Written by Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley, Edited by Janet Todd, Introduction by Janet Todd
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | May 1993
$16.00/22.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-043371-5 (0-14-043371-6)

These three works of fiction - two by Mary Wollstonecraft, the radical author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, and one by her daughter Mary Shelley, creator of Frankenstein - are powerfully emotive stories that combine passion with forceful feminist argument. In Mary Wollstonecraft's Mary, the heroine flees her... Read more

The Original Frankenstein
Written by Mary Shelley
Vintage | Trade Paperback | September 2009
$14.95/17.95(Canada) | 978-0-307-47442-1 (0-307-47442-9)

Working from the earliest surviving draft of Frankenstein, Charles E. Robinson presents two versions of the classic novel—as Mary Shelley originally wrote it and a subsequent version clearly indicating Percy Shelley’s amendments and contributions.

For the first time we can hear Mary’s sole voice, which is colloquial, fast-paced, and sounds more... Read more

Three Gothic Novels
Written by Horace Walpole, William Beckford and Mary Shelley, Edited by Peter Fairclough, Introduction by Mario Praz
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | December 1968
$18.00/24.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-043036-3 (0-14-043036-9)

Walpole's The Castle of Otranto, Beckford's Vathek, and Shelley's Frankenstein

The Gothic novel, which flourished from about 1765 until 1825, revels in the horrible and the supernatural, in suspense and exotic settings. This volume, with its erudite introduction by Mario Praz, presents three of the most celebrated Gothic novels: The Castle of... Read more