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Alberto Manguel

Alberto Manguel is an internationally acclaimed anthologist, translator, editor, and bestselling writer of several award-winning books, including A Dictionary of Imaginary Places and A History of Reading. He was born in Buenos Aires, moved to Canada in 1982, and now lives in France, where he has been named an Officer of the Order of Arts and Letters.

. Alberto Manguel
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Photo © Simo Neri

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Bulfinch's Mythology
Written by Thomas Bulfinch, Foreword by Alberto Manguel
Modern Library | Trade Paperback | August 1998
$21.00/28.00(Canada) | 978-0-375-75147-9 (0-375-75147-5)

For almost a century and a half, Bulfinch's Mythology has been the text by which the great tales of the gods and goddesses, Greek and Roman antiquity; Scandinavian, Celtic, and Oriental fables and myths; and the age of chivalry have been known.
        The stories are divided into three sections: The Age... Read more

The Solitudes
Written by Luis de Gongora, Translated by Edith Grossman, Foreword by Edith Grossman, Introduction by Alberto Manguel, Noted by Edith Grossman
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | May 2012
$18.00/24.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-310672-2 (0-14-310672-4)

An epic masterpiece of world literature, in a magnificent new translation by one if the most acclaimed translators of our time

A towering figure of the Renaissance, Luis de Góngora pioneered poetic forms so radically different from the dominant aesthetic of his time that he was derided as "the Prince of Darkness."... Read more

The Jungle Books
Written by Rudyard Kipling, Afterword by Alev Lytle Croutier, Introduction by Alberto Manguel
Signet | Paperback | August 2013
$5.95/7.95(Canada) | 978-0-451-41918-7 (0-451-41918-9)

Rudyard Kipling’s beloved collection of short stories about a boy raised by wolves who learns the Laws of the Jungle.

Mowgli, lost in the deep jungle as a child, is adopted into a family of wolves. Hunted by Shere Khan, the Bengal tiger, Mowgli is allowed to run with the wolf pack... Read more

All Men Are Liars
Written by Alberto Manguel
Riverhead Books | Trade Paperback | June 2012
$16.00/17.00(Canada) | 978-1-59448-835-1 (1-59448-835-5)

In this gorgeously imagined novel, a journalist interviews those who knew—or thought they knew—Alejandro Bevilacqua, a brilliant, infuriatingly elusive South American writer and author of the masterpiece, In Praise of Lying. But the accounts of those in his circle of friends, lovers, and enemies become increasingly contradictory, murky, and suspect. Is... Read more

A History of Reading
Written by Alberto Manguel
Penguin Books | Trade Paperback | August 2014
$27.00/36.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-312671-3 (0-14-312671-7)

At one magical instant in your early childhood, the page of a book—that string of confused, alien ciphers—shivered into meaning, and at that moment, whole universes opened. You became, irrevocably, a reader. Noted essayist and editor Alberto Manguel moves from this essential moment to explore the six-thousand-year-old conversation between words and that hero without whom the book... Read more

Reading Pictures
Written by Alberto Manguel
Random House Trade Paperbacks | Trade Paperback | October 2002
$19.00/0.00(Canada) | 978-0-375-75922-2 (0-375-75922-0)

This profoundly illuminating, entertaining book could well change the way we "read" the visual world around us, and certainly help open our eyes and minds to its astonishing riches. The language in which we speak about art has become steadily more abstruse, a jargon that only art critics and con-artists can... Read more