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Jack London

Jack London (1876-1916), by turns a renegade adventurer, a war correspondent, and an avowed socialist, first achieved fame with The Son of the Wolf (1900), a collection of short stories drawn from his experiences in the Klondike gold rush. "The greatest story Jack London ever wrote was the story he lived," said Alfred Kazin.


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Best Short Stories of Jack London
Written by Jack London
Fawcett | Paperback | November 1986
$6.99/8.99(Canada) | 978-0-449-30053-4 (0-449-30053-6)

"Raw and Raked, Wild and Free..."

...that was the way Jack London saw life, and the more he lived it the more enamored of it he became. "All I saw," he once wrote, "was glamor of conquest, of scarlet adventure and yellow gold. ...The life was brave and wild, and I was... Read more

The Call of the Wild & White Fang
Written by Jack London
Vintage | Trade Paperback | February 2014
$7.95/8.95(Canada) | 978-0-8041-6885-4 (0-8041-6885-7)

Jack London’s two most beloved tales of survival in Alaska were inspired by his experiences in the Yukon during the Klondike Gold Rush. Both novels grippingly dramatize the harshness of the natural world and what lies beneath the thin veneer of human civilization.

The canine hero of The Call of the Wild... Read more

The Call of the Wild, White Fang & To Build a Fire
Written by Jack London, Introduction by E.L. Doctorow
Modern Library | Trade Paperback | January 2002
$7.95/10.95(Canada) | 978-0-375-75251-3 (0-375-75251-X)

The Call of the Wild—Selected by the Modern Library as one of the 100 best novels of all time

To this day Jack London is the most widely read American writer in the world," E. L. Doctorow wrote in The New York Times Book Review. Generally considered to be London's greatest achievement... Read more

Call of The Wild, White Fang
Written by Jack London
Bantam Classics | Paperback | February 1991
$4.99/6.99(Canada) | 978-0-553-21233-4 (0-553-21233-8)

The Call Of The Wild is the  story of Buck, a dog stolen from his home and thrust  into the merciless life of the Arctic north to  endure hardship, bitter cold, and the savage  lawlessness of man and beast. White Fang  is the adventure of an animal -- part dog, part  wolf --turned vicious by cruel abuse... Read more

John Barleycorn
Written by Jack London, Introduction by Pete Hamill
Modern Library | Trade Paperback | September 2001
$16.00/22.00(Canada) | 978-0-375-75792-1 (0-375-75792-9)

Jack London cut a mythic figure across the American landscape of the early twentieth century. But throughout his colorful life–from his teenage years as an oyster pirate to his various incarnations as a well-traveled seaman, Yukon gold prospector, waterfront brawler, unemployed vagrant, impassioned socialist, and celebrated writer–he retained a predilection for... Read more

Klondike Tales
Written by Jack London, Introduction by Gary Kinder
Modern Library | Trade Paperback | March 2001
$15.00/20.00(Canada) | 978-0-375-75685-6 (0-375-75685-X)

As a young man in the summer of 1897, Jack London joined the Klondike gold rush. From that seminal experience emerged these gripping, inimitable wilderness tales, which have endured as some of London’s best and most defining work. With remarkable insight and unflinching realism, London describes the punishing adversity that awaited... Read more

The Sea-Wolf
Written by Jack London, Introduction by Gary Kinder
Modern Library | Trade Paperback | November 2000
$10.95/15.95(Canada) | 978-0-679-78337-4 (0-679-78337-7)

A thrilling epic of a sea voyage and a complex novel of ideas, The Sea-Wolf is a standard-bearer of its genre. It is the vivid story of a gentleman scholar, Humphrey Van Weyden, who is rescued by a seal-hunting schooner after a ferryboat accident in San Francisco Bay. London uses Van... Read more

The Sea Wolf
Written by Jack London
Bantam Classics | Paperback | April 1984
$4.95/6.95(Canada) | 978-0-553-21225-9 (0-553-21225-7)

The Sea Wolf is Jack London’s powerful and gripping saga of Humphrey Van Weyden, captured by a seal-hunting ship and now an unwilling sailor under its dreaded captain, Wolf Larsen. The men who sailed with Larsen were treacherous outcasts, but the captain himself was the legendary Sea Wolf–a violent brute of... Read more

South Sea Tales
Written by Jack London, Edited by Christopher Gair, Introduction by Tony Horwitz
Modern Library | Trade Paperback | April 2002
$16.00/22.00(Canada) | 978-0-375-75929-1 (0-375-75929-8)

Like the celebrated Klondike Tales, the stories that comprise South Sea Tales derive their intensity from the author’s own far-flung adventures, conveying an impassioned, unsparing vision borne only of experience. The powerful tales gathered here vividly evoke the turn-of-the-century colonial Pacific and its capricious tropical landscape, while also trenchantly observing the... Read more

The Star Rover
Written by Jack London, Introduction by Lorenzo Carcaterra
Modern Library | Trade Paperback | November 2003
$15.00/20.00(Canada) | 978-0-8129-7004-3 (0-8129-7004-7)

The Star Rover is the story of San Quentin death-row inmate Darrell Standing, who escapes the horror of prison life—and long stretches in a straitjacket—by withdrawing into vivid dreams of past lives, including incarnations as a French nobleman and an Englishman in medieval Korea. Based on the life and imprisonment of... Read more

To Build a Fire and Other Stories
Written by Jack London
Bantam Classics | Paperback | April 1986
$5.95/8.95(Canada) | 978-0-553-21335-5 (0-553-21335-0)

To Build A Fire and Other Stories is the most comprehensive and wide-ranging collection of Jack London's short stories available in paperback. This superb volume brings together twenty-five of London's finest, including a dozen of his great Klondike stories, vivid tales of the Far North were rugged individuals, such as the...

Read more