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Gish Jen

Gish Jen is the author of three previous novels and a book of stories. Her honors include the Lannan Literary Award for fiction and the Mildred and Harold Strauss Living Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. She lives with her husband and two children in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

. Gish Jen
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Photo © 2010 Romana Vysatova

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David Copperfield
Written by Charles Dickens, Afterword by Gish Jen
Signet | Paperback | February 2006
$6.95/7.99(Canada) | 978-0-451-53004-2 (0-451-53004-7)

The quintessential novel from England's most beloved novelist, David Copperfield is the story of a young man's adventures on his journey from an unhappy and impoverished childhood to the discovery of his vocation as a successful author. Read more

The Girl at the Baggage Claim
Written by Gish Jen
Knopf | Hardcover | February 28, 2017
$26.95/35.95(Canada) | 978-1-101-94782-1 (1-101-94782-9)

A provocative and important study of the different ideas Easterners and Westerners have about the self and society and what this means for current debates in art, education, geopolitics, and business.

Never have East and West come as close as they are today, yet we are still baffled by one another. Is... Read more

The Love Wife
Written by Gish Jen
Vintage | Trade Paperback | October 2005
$14.00/21.00(Canada) | 978-1-4000-7651-2 (1-4000-7651-X)

From the massively talented Gish Jen comes a barbed, moving, and stylistically dazzling new novel about the elusive nature of kinship. The Wongs describe themselves as a “half half” family, but the actual fractions are more complicated, given Carnegie’s Chinese heritage, his wife Blondie’s WASP background, and the various ethnic permutations... Read more

Mona in the Promised Land
Written by Gish Jen
Vintage | Trade Paperback | April 1997
$15.95/19.95(Canada) | 978-0-679-77650-5 (0-679-77650-8)

In this ebullient and inventive novel, Gish Jen restores multiculturalism from high concept to a fact of life. At least that's what it becomes for teenaged Mona Chang, who in 1968 moves with her newly prosperous family to Scarshill, New York, where the Chinese have become "the new Jews." What could... Read more

Typical American
Written by Gish Jen
Vintage | Trade Paperback | January 2008
$15.95/18.95(Canada) | 978-0-307-38922-0 (0-307-38922-7)

From the beloved author of Mona in the Promised Land and The Love Wife comes this comic masterpiece, an insightful novel of immigrants experiencing the triumphs and trials of American life. Gish Jen reinvents the American immigrant story through the Chang family, who first come to the United States with no... Read more

Who's Irish?
Written by Gish Jen
Vintage | Trade Paperback | June 2000
$15.00/18.00(Canada) | 978-0-375-70592-2 (0-375-70592-9)

"Sparkling--a gently satiric look at the American Dream and its fallout on those who pursue it."--The New York Times

With dazzling wit and compassion, Gish Jen--author of the highly acclaimed novels Typical American and Mona in the Promised Land--looks at ambition and compromise at century's end and finds that much of the... Read more

World and Town
Written by Gish Jen
Vintage | Trade Paperback | October 2011
$15.95/17.95(Canada) | 978-0-307-47330-1 (0-307-47330-9)

Hattie Kong, a retired teacher and a descendant of Confucius, has decided that it’s time to start over. She moves to the peaceful New England town of Riverlake, a place that once represented the rock-solid base of American life. Instead of quietude, Hattie discovers a town challenged by cell-phone towers, chain...

Read more