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Henrik Ibsen

Henrik Ibsen (1828–1906) is often called “the Father of Modern Drama.” Born in Norway in 1828, he enjoyed successes with the verse dramas Brand and Peer Gynt before embarking on his great 12-play cycle of society dramas, which included A Doll’s House and Ghosts. After 21 years of self-imposed exile in Italy and Germany, Ibsen died in Norway.


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Six Great Modern Plays
Written by Anton Chekhov, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Henrik Ibsen and George Bernard Shaw
Dell | Paperback | February 1956
$7.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-0-440-37984-3 (0-440-37984-9)

Here are six plays that stand as landmarks of the modern drama:

Chekhov’s THREE SISTERS repeats, in terms of a handful of people, the spasms of a dying society.

Isben’s THE MASTER BUILDER is the tragedy of the modern romantic, caught between desire and reality.

Shaw’s MRS. WARREN’S PROFESSION shocked England and America; this play was... Read more

Written by Henrik Ibsen, Adapted by Geoffrey Hill, Translated by Inga-Stina Ewbank
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | January 1997
$16.00/22.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-044676-0 (0-14-044676-1)

The story of a minister driven by faith to risk the death of his wife and child, Brand pits a man of vision against the forces of ignorance and venality.

For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700... Read more

A Doll's House and Other Plays
Written by Henrik Ibsen, Edited by Tore Rem, Translated by Deborah Dawkin and Erik Skuggevik, Introduction by Tore Rem
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | September 2016
$12.00/16.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-119456-1 (0-14-119456-1)

Four of Ibsen’s most important plays in superb modern translations, part of the new Penguin Ibsen series.
     With her assertion that she is “first and foremost a human being,” rather than a wife, mother or fragile doll, Nora Helmer sent shockwaves throughout Europe when she appeared in Henrik Ibsen’s greatest and most...

Read more

Four Great Plays by Henrik Ibsen
Written by Henrik Ibsen
Bantam Classics | Paperback | April 1984
$6.95/9.95(Canada) | 978-0-553-21280-8 (0-553-21280-X)

Here, in a single volume, are four major plays by the first modern playwright, Henrick Ibsen.

Ghosts—The startling portrayal of a family destroyed by disease and infidelity.
The Wild Duck—A poignant drama of lost illusions.
An Enemy Of The People—Ibsen’s vigorous attack on public opinion.  
And A Doll's House—The play that scandalized... Read more

Four Major Plays, Volume I
Written by Henrik Ibsen, Afterword by Joan Templeton, Foreword by Rolf Fjelde
Signet | Paperback | June 2006
$6.95/8.95(Canada) | 978-0-451-53022-6 (0-451-53022-5)

Four Major Plays: Volume I
A Doll House • The Wild Duck • Hedda Gabler • The Master Builder

Among the greatest and best known of Ibsen’s works, these four plays brilliantly exemplify his landmark contributions to the theater: his realistic dialogue, probing of social problems, and depiction of characters’ inner lives as well as their actions. Rich... Read more

Four Major Plays, Volume II
Written by Henrik Ibsen, Afterword by Terry Otten, Translated by Rolf Fjelde
Signet | Paperback | August 2001
$8.95/11.95(Canada) | 978-0-451-52803-2 (0-451-52803-4)

The foremost dramatist of his age, Ibsen changed theatre forever with his realistic dialogue and depiction of contemporary social problems. Here are four of his greatest works: Ghosts, An Enemy of the People, The Lady From the Sea, and John Gabriel Borkman. Read more

Ghosts and Other Plays
Written by Henrik Ibsen, Translated by Peter Watts, Introduction by Peter Watts
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | June 1964
$12.00/16.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-044135-2 (0-14-044135-2)

The plays in this volume focus on the family and how it struggles to stay together by telling lies - and exposing them. In "Ghosts", Osvald Alving returns home only to discover the truth about the father he always looked up to, and learns the horrific effect his father's debauchery has... Read more

Hedda Gabler and Other Plays
Written by Henrik Ibsen, Translated by Una Ellis-Fermor, Introduction by Una Ellis-Fermor
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | March 1951
$11.00/15.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-044016-4 (0-14-044016-X)

In these three unforgettably intense plays, Henrik Ibsen explores the problems of personal and social morality that he perceived in the world around him and, in particular, the complex nature of truth. The Pillars of the Community (1877) depicts a corrupt shipowner’s struggle to hide the sins of his past at... Read more

The Master Builder and Other Plays
Written by Henrik Ibsen, Edited by Tore Rem, Translated by Barbara Haveland and Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife, Introduction by Toril Moi
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | August 2015
$14.00/19.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-119459-2 (0-14-119459-6)

Henrik Ibsen’s most important plays in superb modern translations, part of the new Penguin Ibsen series

This new Penguin Classics series of Henrik Ibsen’s plays will offer the best available editions in English of the great works by “the father of modern drama,” all under the general editorship of Ibsen scholar Tore... Read more

Peer Gynt and Brand
Written by Henrik Ibsen, Translated by Geoffrey Hill, Introduction by Janet Garton
Penguin Classics | Trade Paperback | February 2017
$17.00/23.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-119758-6 (0-14-119758-7)

Masterful versions of Ibsen’s two great verse plays by one of our greatest living poets, Geoffrey Hill
These two masterly and contrasting verse dramas by Ibsen made his reputation as a playwright. The fantastical adventures of the irrepressible Peer Gynt—poet, idler, procrastinator, seducer—draw on Norwegian folklore to conjure up mountains... Read more

An Enemy of the People
Written by Arthur Miller and Henrik Ibsen
Penguin Books | Trade Paperback | November 1977
$14.00/0.00(Canada) | 978-0-14-048140-2 (0-14-048140-0)

Dr. Stockmann attempts to expose a water pollution scandal in his home town which is about to establish itself as a spa. When his brother, the mayor, conspires with local politicians and the newspaper to suppress the story, Stockmann appeals to the public meeting—only to be shouted down and reviled as... Read more