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Vinod Kumar


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Don Quixote, Part II
Written by Miguel de Cervantes, Adapted by Lloyd Wagner, Illustrated by Vinod Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | August 2011
$9.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-93-80741-06-2 (93-80741-06-5)

Don Quixote has travelled the land, taking part in many adventures along the way.
Most of these adventures have ended in disaster, and now Don Quixote is back where he belongs - at home, with his niece and housekeeper to look after him. To his niece, Don Quixote seems content with his... Read more

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Adapted by JR Parks, Illustrated by Vinod Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | January 2011
$9.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-44-6 (93-80028-44-X)

When Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead on the moors, a heart attack seems to be the likely cause. However, a certain Dr Mortimer thinks there is more to it than that. Although it seems impossible, he believes that a supernatural hound haunts the moors. His theory suggests that this beast... Read more

The Merchant of Venice
Written by William Shakespeare, Adapted by John F. McDonald, Illustrated by Vinod Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | May 2011
$9.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-59-0 (93-80028-59-8)

A gamble on trading ships at sea, a pound of flesh as the penalty, a contest to win the hand of a rich heiress, and the final rescue in a court of law--The Merchant of Venice has all the ingredients required which make it one of Shakespeare's most dramatic romantic comedies.

Antonio... Read more

Gulliver's Travels
Written by Jonathan Swift, Adapted by Lewis Helfand, Illustrated by Vinod Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | December 2010
$9.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-50-7 (93-80028-50-4)

Lemuel Gulliver always dreamed of travelling the world. But when a violent storm claims his ship and casts him adrift among uncharted lands, he is taken to places that he could not even dream of.

Travelling to the nation of Lilliput, where the inhabitants measure just centimetres tall, and to Brobdingnag... Read more

A Journey to the Center of the Earth
Written by Jules Verne, Adapted by Lewis Helfand, Illustrated by Vinod Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | January 2011
$9.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-40-8 (93-80028-40-7)

When Professor Von Hardwigg and his nephew Henry discover a mysterious parchment, little do they know that it will change their lives forever.

After many hours of studying the manuscript, and a great deal of painstaking research, they finally decipher the hidden code. It dates back to the sixteenth century, and is... Read more