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Dan Johnson


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Robinson Crusoe
Written by Daniel Defoe, Adapted by Dan Johnson, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | July 2010
$9.99/12.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-20-0 (93-80028-20-2)

Robinson Crusoe is not content with his life in England. He is bored and wants to see more of the world. His curiosity convinces him to leave his homeland and travel abroad.

Without telling his parents, young Robinson sets off on a voyage of discovery. During the years that follow he... Read more

Oliver Twist
Written by Charles Dickens, Adapted by Dan Johnson, Illustrated by Rajesh Nagulakonda
Campfire | Trade Paperback | August 2011
$11.99/12.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-56-9 (93-80028-56-3)

Oliver Twist's life has been a hard and desperate one. With his mother dying during his birth, and having no idea who his father was, Oliver has spent his first nine years struggling to survive in a world that has little pity for a poor orphan
such as him.
After Oliver gets involved... Read more

Sinbad: The Legacy
Written by Dan Johnson, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | April 2012
$12.99/14.99(Canada) | 978-81-907515-5-1 (81-907515-5-7)

Sinbad, the legendary hero of the high seas, has faced many challenges in his lifetime, but none will test him more than the when he is made responsible for a wilful ward, Habib. Together they set off on a voyage, only to find themselves in the middle of a harsh storm... Read more

The Jungle Book
Written by Rudyard Kipling, Adapted by Dan Johnson
Campfire | Trade Paperback | January 2012
$12.99/14.99(Canada) | 978-81-907515-4-4 (81-907515-4-9)

The 2016 Disney film adaptation of The Jungle Book is the latest artistic effort to capture the drama and excitement of the enduring tales Rudyard Kipling created more than 120 years ago. This Campfire Classics adapatation faithfully renders Kipling's original language and plot details in a stunning graphic novel format.

The adventure... Read more