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Naresh Kumar

Naresh Kumar is a resident of New Delhi, India. He describes himself as a seeker who is continuously trying to learn as much as he can. He views his art as an expression of his curiosity about the world. Naresh's photo-realistic style captures the subtle emotions of his characters, giving the reader an experience similar to that of watching a high budget movie. Hs past work for Campfire includes Julius Caesar, Frankenstein, Robinson Crusoe and Sinbad: The Legacy.


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Robinson Crusoe
Written by Daniel Defoe, Adapted by Dan Johnson, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | July 2010
$9.99/12.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-20-0 (93-80028-20-2)

Robinson Crusoe is not content with his life in England. He is bored and wants to see more of the world. His curiosity convinces him to leave his homeland and travel abroad.

Without telling his parents, young Robinson sets off on a voyage of discovery. During the years that follow he... Read more

A Christmas Carol
Written by Charles Dickens, Adapted by Scott McCullar, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | November 2010
$9.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-32-3 (93-80028-32-6)

A ghost turns up at Ebenezer Scrooge's home one Christmas Eve. It is Jacob Marley, his business partner, who has been dead for seven years. He is dragging heavy chains, and is obviously full of great sorrow and unbearable pain.

While Scrooge is still trying to decide whether the apparition is... Read more

Perseus: Destiny's Call
Written by Ryan Foley, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | January 2012
$11.99/12.99(Canada) | 978-93-80741-08-6 (93-80741-08-1)

How do you slay that which you cannot look at? This just one of the many challenges that face the young hero Perseus, son of the mighty ruler of Olympus, Zeus. When Perseus was an infant, he and his mother were cast into the sea in a casket. Luckily, Perseus was... Read more

The Industrial Revolution
Written by Lewis Helfand, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | June 2017
$14.99/14.99(Canada) | 978-93-81182-28-4 (93-81182-28-0)

While we all know that large-scale industrialization began in the eighteenth century, the Industrial Revolution truly began in Germany with Johannes Gutenberg and his printing press. His innovation made it possible to mass-produce books, which spread literacy and knowledge all across Europe. It was in the eighteenth century, however, that manual labor... Read more

They Changed the World: Crick & Watson - The Discovery of DNA
Written by Lewis Helfand, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | August 2016
$14.99/14.99(Canada) | 978-93-81182-21-5 (93-81182-21-3)

Since the dawn of civilization, we have searched for answers to what makes life possible, and in the mid-twentieth century we found them through the persistent efforts of James Watson and Francis Crick. Although the groundwork for the discovery had already been laid out, it was Watson and Crick's derivation of the... Read more

They Changed the World: Bell, Edison and Tesla
Written by Lewis Helfand, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | June 2014
$12.99/12.99(Canada) | 978-93-80741-87-1 (93-80741-87-1)

Three lives, one epic story. Find out how Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla changed the world we live in forever! Three men, three great minds and three completely different approaches to science. Find out how these men tamed the forces of science in order to share its power... Read more

Sinbad: The Legacy
Written by Dan Johnson, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | April 2012
$12.99/14.99(Canada) | 978-81-907515-5-1 (81-907515-5-7)

Sinbad, the legendary hero of the high seas, has faced many challenges in his lifetime, but none will test him more than the when he is made responsible for a wilful ward, Habib. Together they set off on a voyage, only to find themselves in the middle of a harsh storm... Read more

The Dusk Society
Adapted by Mark Jones, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar, Concept by Sidney Williams
Campfire | Trade Paperback | June 2011
$11.99/12.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-63-7 (93-80028-63-6)

In three days the world will end...

Pembleton was the most boring place in the world until Count Dracula, Doctor Frankenstein, and a whole host of terrifying monsters moved in. They are under the leadership of an evil man known as Pierceblood. The only thing stopping Pierceblood, and his creatures of darkness... Read more

Written by Jason Quinn and Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | March 2015
$14.99/14.99(Canada) | 978-93-81182-03-1 (93-81182-03-5)

"Let there be light!"
The greatest story ever told begins with Genesis. Witness the Biblical creation of the world, the tempting of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and the tragic story of Cain and Abel, before joining Noah and the animals on the voyage of a lifetime. Told in... Read more

World War Two: Against The Rising Sun
Written by Jason Quinn, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | September 2015
$16.99/16.99(Canada) | 978-93-81182-05-5 (93-81182-05-1)

Campfire's World War II: Against The Rising Sun focuses on the war in the East, through the eyes of the servicemen and civilians on both sides of the conflict. From the invasion of Manchuria by Japan in 1937, right through to the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki... Read more

Julius Caesar
Written by William Shakespeare, Adapted by Dan Whitehead, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | August 2013
$12.99/15.99(Canada) | 978-93-80741-80-2 (93-80741-80-4)

Rome, 44BC, the great general Julius Caesar arrives home from war as the sole ruler of Rome. The citizens cheer the conquering hero, but not all are pleased to see him return. Many fear that with nobody to oppose him, this military genius will become a cruel dictator. A conspiracy takes shape... Read more

Written by Mary Shelley, Adapted by Lloyd S. Wagner, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | July 2010
$9.99/12.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-24-8 (93-80028-24-5)

Man has long had the power to take life, but what will happen when he learns to give it?

Intrigued by this question, young Victor Frankenstein - a devoted student of science - becomes obsessed with the idea of conjuring life out of 'lifeless matter'. Using his formidable skills in chemistry... Read more

Written by Robert Louis Stevenson, Adapted by Mark Jones, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | March 2011
$9.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-52-1 (93-80028-52-0)

It took an epic journey to get back to where he started from...

Arriving at his Uncle's house, David Balfour expects a warm welcome, a hearty meal and friendly conversation.
Instead he is jailed, kidnapped, lost at sea, falsely accused of murder and finds himself on the run with a smuggler called Alan... Read more

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Written by Mark Twain, Adapted by Roland Mann, Illustrated by Naresh Kumar
Campfire | Trade Paperback | October 2010
$9.99/10.99(Canada) | 978-93-80028-35-4 (93-80028-35-0)

Running away seemed like a good idea at the time...
The Widow Douglas is doing her best to civilise Huckleberry Finn, but it just isn't working. Wearing clean clothes, going to school, and having a hot meal waiting for him when he gets home are becoming boring and tedious.
... Read more