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  • Eleven Things Every Witch Should Know
  • Create Your Own Book of Shadows/Magic Journal
  • Form Your own Coven
  • How to Join the Temple of Ara and Study with Phyllis
  • The real Secret of Spell Casting
  • 9 Steps to Casting Your Spell
  • 5 Facts for Successful Spellcasting
  • What is Wicca?
  • What are the spiritual principles of Wicca?
A social and spiritual activist, Phyllis Curott has been an attorney and Wiccan priestess for more than 20 years.

Eleven Things Every Witch Should Know

1. Magic is what happens when you open yourself to the Divine. All real magic is a manifestation of the Divine - it is how you co-create reality with deity.

2. The Divine is within you and is everywhere present in the natural world. And everything is interconnected by this sacred energy.

3. Wicca is not about information -- it's about transformation, so practice, practice, practice -- and do it as much as possible in Nature! Witchcraft enables you to commune with divinity and to manifest your destiny, your desires and your highest and sacred self.

4. The real ethics of how Witches live and practice magic are simple: Witches live in a sacred manner because we live in a sacred world. We therefore treat all of life with reverence and respect.

5. Because all magic flows from our connection to the Sacred, our lives and our magic, must be guided by the sacred nature of the energy with which we work.

6. The energy Witches work with is not neutral -- it is divine love.

7. Magic often works in unexpected way because it is not a mechanical process, and the Universe is not a machine. You are living and making magic within a divine, organic, living reality.

8. Witches don't command and control -- they commune and co-create.

9. The real secret of successful spellcasting, as with all of magic, is your connection to the Divine power that dwells within you, and surrounds you. And spells do work so be careful what you ask for!

10. Nature makes the Divine tangible. By working, living, and practicing your magic in harmony with Nature, you are in harmony with the Divine.

11. The ultimate teacher is the God/Goddess inside you and in the world of Nature all around you.

Create Your Own Book of Shadows/Magic Journal

Read a book on spirituality these days, and you're sure to run into the word journaling. Wicca has a tradition of such collected wisdom: each Witch can draw upon the spells, rituals and invocations collected in her Book of Shadows.

Creating a record of your Wiccan experiences can be as simple as starting with an informal magic diary -- recording your adventures into spell casting, divination and any of the other topics explored step by step in Witch Crafting. As you gain experiences, you can put together your own Book of Shadows. Whether a humble spiral notebook or a beautiful bound journal, a Book of Shadows might include:

  • a dedication page
  • invocations of the Goddess and God
  • rituals, chants, songs, prayers and dances
  • wisdom and insights that have been given to you in ritual or meditation
  • magical information such as spells, potions, and symbols

Magic Online: Finding Wiccans and Forming a Coven

Form Your own Coven
An increasingly common way for people to begin practicing Wicca together is to start a study group that may evolve into a coven (traditionally, a coven isn't formed until a group has been together for a year and a day, through every season). This more casual format will allow all of you the opportunity to get to know one another, to see who is serious about pursuing the more committed relationships required by a coven, discover your group's dynamics, and experience the natural attrition that occurs with any group, but which will be much easier to deal with in a study group. It will also provide an opportunity for you to explore a variety of approaches to Wicca to determine which tradition, or traditions, you would like to pursue more seriously.

Here are just a few things to consider as your organize a study group:

  • One of the best ways to find people is by posting flyers with a brief description of what you'd like to set up.
  • You may want to interview people before the group first gets together, or simply arrange for everyone to meet simultaneously
  • Start by sitting in a circle so that everyone can see each other and begin working within this spiritual structure
  • Create a structure in which everyone gets an equal opportunity to speak without interruption for a specific and limited time period
  • Introduce yourselves, share your stories, and talk about your interests, expectations, and goals.

Early on, it's important for any group a new study group, coven, or workshop that will be meeting regularly, and especially any group working Witch Crafting -- to discuss the most important spiritual principles of Wicca. How will these principles guide your spiritual work as a group? And as individuals?

How to Join the Temple of Ara and Study with Phyllis

Phyllis lectures and gives workshops all over the U.S, Europe and Australia. Dates and locations of future lectures, workshops and booksignings will be posted on this and the websites listed below.

The Temple of Ara is being legally incorporated as a tax exempt Religious Corporation (Temple) of which you may become a member.

A program of study and initiatory training with Phyllis and the elders of her Temple is also being created.

If you are interested in either of these, please enclose an SASE and write to:

Phyllis Curott
Box 311
Prince Street Station
New York, N.Y. 10012

Or email to or Please be sure to caption your email: Membership or Training.

From Witch Crafting. Copyright (c) 2001 by Phyllis Curott. All rights reserved.