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Hardcover: 0-345-42302-X, $24.95
Paperback: 0-345-42303-8, $6.99

Praise for the Book

Advance Praise from Fantasy Authors and Publications:

"The Wild Road is a charming book--the ultimate animal adventure--and every cat owner knows it's probably true!"
--Terry Pratchett, Author of the Discworld novels

"An enthralling epic of a tale which confirms what everyone who has ever spent any time with cats has always suspected: that behind their biddable, meek, and grateful masks the cats we think we know (and are sure we love) are indeed mysterious, mythic, and maddeningly indifferent to us humans. Never again will cat lovers watch their pets disappear into the night without wishing they could follow them down the Wild Road and join the party."
--William Horwood, author of Duncton Wood

"Epic cat quest fantasy..."

"Insightful, sharply observant and filled with four-footed characters to steal the heart, The Wild Road offers a mystical odyssey to haunt mind and spirit long after the last page is turned."
--Janny Wurts, author of Fugitive Prince

"The Wild Road is the gorgeous first volume in a magical quest fantasy--a Watership Down for cat-lovers."
--The Daily Telegraph

"Reading The Wild Road is rather like slipping into another culture, almost as if it has been very well translated from a feline language. The view is uncompromisingly catlike: these are felines that respect themselves. In addition, the use of language in the writing is a pleasure in itself. A very exciting read: I loved it!"
--Robin Hobb

"The Wild Road took me places that even I had never been! And I must say, I enjoyed the ride."
--Norton, the cat who went to Paris

Comments from Booksellers:

"One of the finest, most evocative and compelling fantasies that I've ever read."
--Eleanor Miller, Barnes and Noble, Henderson, Nevada

"A wonderful adventure and an epic animal story."
--Angela Groth, Waldenbooks, Lexington, Illinois

"Everyone who has read this book loves it."
--Lynn Coakley, Toadstool Bookshop, Amherst, New Hampshire

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