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Cat Profile One: Scratch

Of: Maine

Favorite Humans: Clifford & Adeline Ward

Favorite Foods: Chicken (the entire roast bird); Cheezits; lobster and anything else I can get by hook or by crook.

Most Recent Accomplishment: Hitchhiked ride from Maine to Texas with unsuspecting human.

Motto: "Beg, borrow, steal!"

WHY SCRATCH LIKED THE WILD ROAD: It is the book that comes closest to suggesting the awesome intelligence, accomplishment, courage, and, of course, modesty of cats.

Cat Profile Two: Tesla

Of: Green River, Wyoming

Favorite Humans: Carol, Eric, and Wyvern Aldinger ("Not the best of humans, perhaps, but I am fond of them.")

Most Recent Accomplishment: Defended territory from a black and white intruder, drove off a full-grown badger, and sent my humans into an apoplectic fit--all in one evening!

Motto: "Bend them to submission; by hooked claw or crooked purr."

WHY TESLA LIKED THE WILD ROAD: I must acknowledge the writer [of THE WILD ROAD] as being a highly intelligent person. This single book might actually teach my humans a few of the finer details missing from their lives. A few lessons on dancing with shadows might benefit their entire race. Thank you for releasing this novel. It will be truly great.

Cat Profile Three: Misha

Of: Brooklyn, New York

Nickname: "The Mish" or "Mishmeister Meow Meow"

Breed: Oriental-type domestic shorthair mutt

Favorite Humans: Karawynn Long

Favorite Foods: Haagen Dazs sorbet, any flavor

Favorite Toy: Random small bits of crumpled paper

Favorite Game: Hide-In-A-Box-And-Scare

Special accomplishments: Besides being toilet-trained (code word "potty"), Misha will also "sit," "stay," "come here," "go up" (onto whatever piece of furniture is pointed at), "get down," "move" (out of the way), "jump" (into arms), "scratch" (on his post), and "give me a kiss."

WHY MISHA LIKED THE WILD ROAD: Contains plenty of tips for the pampered housecat on surviving in the urban wilds, including "Never eat a rat who lays a curse on you first." I've already started planning my escape.

Cat Profile Four: Miss Onyx Kittybug

Of: Las Vegas, Nevada

Favorite Humans: Angela, Mary, & G.L. Gradillas

Favorite Food: Sunflower Seeds and Pistachios (or any other salty nut)

Most Recent Accomplishment: Surprised her humans by helpfully pre-licking all the Christmas card envelopes and stamps.

Motto: "Mmrrwl-OWWL!" English translation: "Feed me...NOW!"

WHY ONYX LIKED THE WILD ROAD: Finally a book that I can really sink my claws into! Gabriel King reveals the true magnificence of the feline condition with great sensitivity and style. Cat culture is brought to life with such stunning realism, I thought I was in the story myself! Definitely ask your favorite human to pick up a copy of The Wild Road!

Cat Profile Five: Nika

Formal Name: Astronika (ah-STRA-ni-ka)

Nickname of the Day: Neekers

Of: Tucson, Arizona

Breed: Black

Favorite Humans: Richard and Mardelle Kunz

Favorite Food: salmon and pepperoni

Favorite Toy: Del Rey Wild Road catnip bag

Most Recent Accomplishment: Using the Wild Roads that exist inside the house

Motto: "So many books, so little time!"

WHY NIKA LIKED THE WILD ROAD: I especially liked reading about my heritage in the chapters like the "First Life of Cats." Now humans can read about and understand that without cats, there would be no humans. Tag and Sealink and all the rest so are interesting! I'd like to read about how they and those new kits are doing now, that the Alchemist has been defeated. I'd like to meet them and get their paw-tographs. Maybe I'll get my chance some night out on the Wild Road!

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