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Joan Anderson is a seasoned journalist who has also written numerous children's novels, including 1787: The First Thanksgiving Feast and The American Family Farm, as well as the critically acclaimed adult nonfiction book Breaking the TV Habit. A graduate of Yale University, Anderson lives with her husband on Cape Cod, where her "Weekend by the Sea" program for women seeking to experience a time of reflection is thriving. She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, "CBS Weekend," and numerous other broadcasts in connection with A Year by the Sea.


After my year by the sea I came to recognize the benefits of solitude--how being alone for a time is a need, not just a luxury. I started these weekend retreats because so many women have written to me about their need for renewal. Fully aware that my year was made possible because my career as a writer is portable, and I had a cottage to escape to, I wanted to offer the same option (albeit just for a weekend) to as many women as I could. My objective is to offer you a getaway--a mini-vacation, a time for refreshment, as well as an understanding what it means to be an unfinished woman.

Each weekend retreat is unique in that I try to develop my workshops around the needs and goals of the attendees. The ages of past retreaters have ranged from thirty to seventy-eight, and they have been married, single, widowed, divorced. All that one needs to benefit from a weekend by the sea is the desire to look deeper inside to find the answers to whatever your life holds for you, and to invite reflection.

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Joan Anderson
March 2003


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Joan Anderson
August 2000