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Thomas Perry
Fiction | Ballantine Books | Paperback | December 2001 | $7.50 | 0-679-45306-7

Also available as a hardcover and a paperback.

"BRILLIANT... A BONA FIDE NAIL-BITER... Thomas Perry's cerebral thrillers unfold methodically, in extremely sharp focus. His attention to detail is so intense that it generates its own brand of quiet suspense." -The New York Times

Roy Prescott is all alone in the world, living lies, making plans, meticulously going about his job. Prescott's job is to hunt people down . . . and then to kill them. Now he has been hired to find a monster - a man who is as alone as he is, as smart, as methodical, as deadly, and even more arrogant. Prescott knows that to find this monster he must get inside his head, get him angry, and force him to come after him. Soon he gets his wish. With a little luck, the killer even makes a mistake - trying to prove a point to Prescott. But Prescott needs no proof. He already knows what he's up against. He knows that innocent people are going to die. The only question now is which one of them will get the first shot - which one will get the last. . . .

Praise for Thomas Perry

“[Thomas Perry is a] master of nail-biting suspense.”
-Los Angeles Times

“Perry never lets up on the suspense . . . masterful.”
-Booklist, about Death Benefits

“Explosive . . . the breathless, knowing prose is pitch-perfect.”
-Kirkus Reviews, about Dance for the Dead

“Thomas Perry just keeps getting better.”
-Tony Hillerman, about Sleeping Dogs

“A fascinating tale written by one of America’s finest storytellers.”
-San Francisco Examiner, about Shadow Woman

“Perry’s writing is as sharp as a sushi knife.”
-Los Angeles Times, about Blood Money

“As beautifully crafted as a good automatic weapon.”
-Martin Cruz Smith, about Sleeping Dogs

“Dazzles like a house of mirrors.”
-Martha Grimes, about Shadow Woman

“Thomas Perry is truly an original.”
-Jonathan Kellerman

“Terrific . . . dazzling ingenuity.”
-The New York Times Book Review, about The Face-Changers

Thomas Perry is the author of eleven earlier novels, including the national bestseller Death Benefits; the Edgar Award-winning thriller The Butcher’s Boy and its sequel, Sleeping Dogs; the New York Times Notable Book Metzger’s Dog; and the five novels of the Jane Whitefield series, beginning with Vanishing Act, selected by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Association as one of the 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century. He lives in California with his wife and two daughters.


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