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Welcome, readers, to the site established by Doubleday Broadway for my memoir, She's Not There: A Life in Two Genders. The book is about my journey from James to Jennifer, and tells the stories of the woman who loved me, the family that struggled with change, and the friends who helped me on my way.

While the dilemmas of transgendered people are arcane to most people, it's my hope that this book will connect to anyone who has ever wanted to do something they feared was impossible, to anyone who has ever been guided along a difficult path by the people that they love. As my friend Richard Russo writes in his Afterword to the book, "This is not the particular story of transgendered people —it's all of us."

As I look back at the story of my own life, I occasionally feel that being born transgendered was the best thing that could have happened to me. While dealing with this condition made life difficult for me, as well as for my family, it's also true that I have been given a rare gift in life, the gift of being able to see into the worlds of both men and women with clear eyes. I think that is something everyone strives for in life, to be able to turn the thing that feels like one's greatest curse into the greatest gift.

For this life, for these friends, for this family, I am immeasurably grateful. As I am grateful to the people at Broadway/Doubleday, and to you, my readers.



She's Not There