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General Editor, Richard Preston
by Andrew Goldenkranz
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Dear Friends:

I'm pleased to give you my latest book, The Demon in the Freezer. In my writing, I explore nature, science, and the human experience through the power of true story. I like to narrate the lives of little-known people who do extraordinary things. The Demon in the Freezer is the third of a trilogy of books that I call Dark Biology--the first was The Hot Zone (nonfiction, about Ebola virus) and the second was The Cobra Event (a suspense novel about bioterrorism). In Demon, I'm dealing with smallpox and anthrax, this time in a true story.

Some aspects of modern biology are frightening and dangerous. Biologists themselves have hardly wanted to confront the darker side of their field. At the same time, I am no believer in any sort of doomsday. I have faith that human beings can be stronger and more inventive than any virus. It's a challenge and an honor to find ways to explain science to readers who aren't scientists, and it's fulfilling when the effort works. Sometimes it takes the power of a true story to reveal the incredible world we live in.

Warmest wishes,

Richard Preston

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