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The Subtle Knife: Cast of Characters

Mrs. Cooper: an elderly woman whom Will entrusts to care for his mentally fragile mother until he can return home again.

Stanislaus Grumman: a renowned explorer immersed in investigating Dust. He is rumored to be a shaman whose tribal Tartar name is Jopari the English translation of which is John Parry. It is his duty to find the bearer of the Subtle Knife and inform him of his critical role in the fate of the universe.

Sir Charles Latrom: a deceiving man who has seen Lyra work the alethiometer and realizes its value. Known as Lord Boreal in Lyra's world, he has ties with Mrs. Coulter, Lyra's mother.

Dr. Mary Malone: a member of the Dark Matter Research Unit, who has discovered the existence of shadows.

Giacomo Paradisi: previous bearer of the Subtle Knife, he teaches Will the differences between and uses for the blade's edges.

John Parry: Will's father who vanished long ago before Will was able to remember him.

Ruta Skadi: Queen of the Latvian witches.