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The Amber Spyglass: Cast of Characters

Ama: a herdsman's daughter whose curiosity and kindness help save Lyra from the clutches of Mrs. Coulter.

Balthamos: one of Will's Angel guides. Like all of his kind he is wise beyond human understanding, though his nature is sarcastic.

Baruch: a low-ranking angel and the younger of Will's Angel guides. The love he shares with Balthamos allows them to communicate with each other across great distances.

Father Gomez: an agent of the Consistorial Court of Discipline, Father Gomez has been schooled in the highly secret doctrine called Pre-emptive penance, which allows him absolution for the sin of murder. He is sent out by the Court to find - and kill - Lyra.

Lord Roke: Gallivespian spy-captain to Lord Asriel. His agents the Lady Almakia and Chevalier Tialys are sent to protect Lyra and Will and ultimately help to guide them through the world of the Dead.

Metatron: a mighty angel appointed by the Authority as regent of the kingdom of heaven.

No-Name: a filthy, harpy-like creature that guards the passage between the World of the Dead and the World of the Living. Given power by the Authority to see the worst in everyone, No-name and her compatriots plague the souls in the world of the Dead.

Sattamax: Mulefa Elder who describes the inexplicable demise of the Seed Pod trees and enlists Mary to help his people find the cause and the solution to their dire situation.