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Dear Readers:

Welcome to the website for our book, Not Your Mother's Divorce: A Practical, Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend Guide to Surviving the End of an Early Marriage.

Both of us, during the darker days of our respective divorces, scoured the shelves at bookstores for something to help us make sense of things but found nothing that spoke to us. All of the books were geared toward older women with children. Many assumed that the woman had been left by the man for another woman, or that the husband was something of a scoundrel. We were annoyed, too, by the overly earnest and prescriptive tone that characterized so many of these books.

What we wanted was a book for our generation - a book with a contemporary viewpoint and voice by young women who had been there. We wanted a book packed with different perspectives and practical strategies on everything from coping with sudden singledom to understanding the legal process and even re-entering the dating scene. Finally, we wanted an optimistic book with some wit and warmth.

We hope that we have written the book that we didn't have, and that it serves as a source of wise counsel, camaraderie, and inspiration to anyone who reads it.

Kay Moffett
Sarah Touborg

Not Your Mother's Divorce
Kay Moffett & Sarah Touborg
December 2003