Vladimir Nabokov------100 Years
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Date Author's Life Literary Context Historical Events
1899 Vladimir Nabokov born in St. Petersburg, April 23. Grows up in a rich, cultured, liberal family. Tolstoy: Resurrection. 
1901  Mann: Buddenbrooks. Queen Victoria dies.
1904  James: The Golden Bowl. Death of Chekhov.Russo-Japanese War (to 1905).
1905   Russian Revolution (suppressed).
1910  Forster: Howard's End. Death of Tolstoy. 
1913  Proust: Du côté de chez Swann. 
1914  Yeats: Responsibilities. 
1914-18   World War I.
1916 Nabokov publishes a book of poems.  
1917   Bolshevik Revolution, followed by civil war (to 1921).
1919 Nabokov family goes into exile.  
1919-22 Nabokov studies at Cambridge.  
1922 Nabokov's father assassinated in Berlin, March 28. Joyce: Ulysses. USSR established.
1924  Mann: The Magic Mountain. Lenin dies. Stalin begins his rise to absolute power.
1925 Nabokov marries Véra Slonim. Kafka: The Trial. 
1925-37 Lives in Berlin writing poems and novels in Russian, supporting his wife and son by giving tennis and French lessons, composing chess problems, etc.  
1926 Nabokov's first novel, Mashenka (Mary). Kafka: The Castle. 
1927  Proust: A la Recherche du temps perdu. 
1928 Krol', dama, valet (King, Queen, Knave). Woolf: Orlando. Lawrence: Lady Chatterley's Lover.First Five-Year Plan in USSR.
1930 Zaschita Luzhina (The Defense), and Sogladatay (The Eye). Freud: Civilization and its Discontents. Collectivization of agriculture in USSR.
1932 Podvig (Glory). Huxley: Brave New World. 
1933 Kamera obscura (Laughter in the Dark).  Hitler comes to power in Germany. USSR recognized by USA.
1936 Otchanyie (Despair). Spanish Civil War (to 1939). Great Purges in USSR (to 1938).
1937 Dar (The Gift). Sartre: La Nausée. 
1938 Priglashenie Na Kazn' (Invitation to a Beheading).  
1939  Joyce: Finnegans Wake. Hitler invades Poland. World War II begins.
1940 Nabokov emigrates to the US. Lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Fall of Paris.
1941 The Real Life of Sebastian Knight (first novel written in English).  Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
1941-48 Teaching at Wellesley and writing his first works in English.  
1944  Eliot: Four Quartets. 
1945   World War II ends after bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
1947 Bend Sinister. Camus: La Peste. 
1948 Appointed to Cornell faculty. Mann: Doctor Faustus. 
1948-58 Lives in Ithaca.  
1949  Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four. NATO founded.
1950   Korean War begins (to 1953). Beginning of McCarthy era in US.
1952  Beckett: Waiting for Godot. 
1953   Joseph Stalin dies.
1955 Lolita.  
1956   Suez crisis and invasion of Hungary by USSR.
1957 Pnin.  
1958  Pasternak: Doctor Zhivago. Grass: The Tin Drum. 
1959 Made financially independent by the success of Lolita, Nabokov resigns from Cornell and moves to Switzerland.  
1960  Updike: Rabbit, Run. 
1961   Berlin Wall constructed.
1962 Pale Fire.  Cuban Missile Crisis
1964 Publishes four-volume translation and commentary on Pushkin's Eugene Onegin. Bellow: Herzog. 
1966 Speak, Memory. Bulgakov: The Master and Margarita. Mao launches 'Cultural Revolution' in China.
1969 Ada.  Vietnam War intensifies; year of the student protests and riots.
1972 Transparent things.  
1973  Pynchon: Gravity's Rainbow. End of Vietnam War.
1974 Look at the Harlequins!  
1977 Vladimir Nabokov dies in Montreux, Switzerland, July 2.  Charter 77 signed by 241 Czechoslovak intellectuals.

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