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Reader Raves

"Absolutely wonderful." —Julie Krolikowski, Sioux Falls, SD

"A truly heart—touching book!" —Wendy Sandberg, Stoneham, MA

"Morrie left a wonderful legacy—reminding us gently and persistently what is really important in life." —Ruth Jadodzinski, Las Vegas, NV

"Anyone who will experience death (I guess that's all of us) should read this book—twice." —Dr. William Rotermund, Algonquin, IL

"A delightful and sensitive account of 'dying well.'" —Gerald Holman, M.D., Amarillo, TX

"One of the most profound and beautiful books that I have ever read. A treasure!" —Virginia Humphrey, Wallingford, CT

"A wonderfully honest exchange between a terminally ill professor and his 'successful' student. They both gave and both received wonderful gifts of love and friendship." —Joie Glenn, RN, Albuquerque, NM

"A touching portrayal of an exquisite merger between two people who are both living and dying. Thank you for sharing this treasure with me." —Linda Pribyl, Kaneoke, HI

"Poignant and profound. I laughed out loud and cried unabashedly." —John Carney, Chairman of the Board, National Hospice Organization, Wichita, KS

"I was delighted and inspired by the book." —Delores Martin, Des Moines, IA

"Morrie's simple answers to life's complex questions showed that there is inspiration and truth in simplicity. Thanks again for a wonderful, inspirational book." —Bob Leonard, Dallas, TX

"Thank you for your wonderful book. I can't remember the last time a story has moved me in that way. I found myself crying my eyes out while reading the last pages." —Scott Lauer, Chicago, IL

"Thank you or this inspirational book." —Mary Moliski, Houston, TX

"Thank you. From all of us, from me. You gave us Morrie Schwartz in a way we could otherwise never know." —Jeana Schotthoeffer, South Burlington, VT

"Thank you for sharing this incomparable man with me. There can be no doubt as to the power that Morrie's strength of will and clarity of purpose provided you and all others that he touched. Through the gift of your book, Morrie can reach a far larger segment of the population who yearn for a glimpse of such wisdom. Reading it was a constant infusion of joy and, alternatively, melancholy, that I wanted to savor and perpetuate. I can't recall a present that has meant more to me." —Jeff Canter, Pittsburgh, PA

"My husband was extremely moved by this gift. I want to thank you again for sharing that special person for those of us who may not have had the chance to meet Morrie." —Kim Matheny, Warren, MI

"It was wonderful." —Steve Shumard

"I just finished reading TWM and felt compelled to tell you how much this book moved me. How lucky you are to have known someone like Morrie. Thank you for sharing Morrie with all of us." —Bernice Jeffries, Wilmington, DE

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful book." —Stepanie Pierce, 8th Grade, Woodward School for Girls, Randolph, MA

"Today, I woke up, I opened TWM and, together with a pot of coffee, read it in one sitting. I am certain it is one of the most important works I have ever read." —Alan Camhi, Seattle, WA

"TWM will have a profound effect on my life." —Mark Andrew, Granville, OH

"I was so enthralled that I ended up reading it in one sitting. I was moved to tears in certain parts of the book. Morrie made me look at my life as well and face some questions about the direction I'm heading in. I just wanted to tell you how glad I am that you were able to share the insightful words of this great man with the rest of the world." —Wendy Nettles, Las Vegas, NV

"Thank you for sharing Morrie with us." —Tammy Powell, Houston, TX

"Thank you for sharing such a sweet, intimate story. I will be forever changed and touched by it. I am telling all of my friends and family to read it." —Cathleen Robinson, Sandy, Utah

"Thank you for writing such a wonderful book." —Mary Pat Kline, Lexington, OH

"Thank you for writing this book." —David Solove, Charlotte, NC

"TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE made a great impression on me." —Marsha Selle, Oshkosh, WI

"Thank you for writing such a beautiful book." —Janine Copp, Youngstown, OH

"Thank you for sharing your friendship with Morrie with your readers." —Nancy Green, Atlanta, GA

"I absolutely loved it. I have not stopped thinking about this book since I finished it. Thank you." —Nancy Duke, Washington, DC

"I would like to compliment you on a fantastic masterpiece." —Jennifer Galjour, New Orleans, LA

"TWM has really touched me, and maybe even more importantly, made me think." —Mike Berman, Stanford University, Stanford, CA

"Your book is as close to my soul as anything I could write myself." —John Montague, Minneapolis, MN

"Your book gave me much to think about, along with tears and laughter. Everyone should have the experience of your book. Thank you for sharing this relationship with the rest of the world." —Maureen Roche, Ann Arbor, MI

"Thanks for the chance to read something good for a change." —Dr. F. C. Ellenburg, Pineola, NC

"Your words, as well as Morrie's, are truly a gift to receive." —Gina Mazzola, Aiken, SC

"I know the book changed my life." —Cathy Breese, Lake Forest, CA

"My Dad passed away in December. I felt so moved by your words and I know the book helped me put some closure on my loss." — Vicki Oleskey, Boston, MA

"I bookmarked pages in your book, I read parts to my children. Thank you for a story that I shall carry in my heart for the rest of my life. I am so sorry for your loss of such a good friend, however I think he gave you more than you will ever realize." —Diane Coveleski, Union City, PA

"I wish that I could have met Morrie." —Jeffrey Dutka, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

"I started reading the first chapter and I couldn't put it down. I wasn't until I had finished the book that I realized how important family is and having people around you that care. There were several times when I put the book down because I was crying (and I don't cry very easily)." —Elaine Hayes, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

"I became ill with a chronic disease that has destroyed my career and, I thought, my life. Morrie's words have given me a new perspective and a renewed determination to live to the fullest in spite of circumstances." —Julie Hodgman, Hillsdale, NJ

"I just finished TWM and I can't stop weeping. A wonderful book about death—but so life-affirming I can't imagine anyone reading it without coming away with a desire to live every day to the fullest. Morrie and Mitch will be with me forever." —Jeanie Brown, Falls of Rough, KY (

"I just finished TWM and want to say thank you to Mitch for giving the world a chance to know Morrie and learn the lessons he had to teach. How truly blessed this world is to have had Morrie." —Regina Beischer, Park Ridge, NJ (

"I have never read a book with such emotion. I have never cried after reading a book. I was very touched by this wonderful book." —Candice McKee Wichita Falls, TX (

"A warm and very moving book." —M. Paul Shank, Dearborn, Michigan (

"I read TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE in a few hours and cried over it. It was beautifully and simply written, and I know I'll never forget it or Morrie." —Susan Schwartz, Laurel, MD (

"Lovingly and beautifully written..." —Laurence J. Stybel, Boston, MA (

"It is not every day that I read a book that has an impact on my personal and professional life. The content of this wonderful book has opened a new vision of my world." —MICHAEL SAMS, HARRISBURG,PA. (

"Tuesday is now my favorite day of the week. To have a teacher as gifted as Morrie Schwartz share his experience—with uncommon courage, humor, patience and candor—provides any reader with profound insight and wisdom regarding life." —Peter S. Weber, Rochester, Illinois (

"It's a book to remind you what life is all about. Unforgettable...What a story—about love, compassion, forgiveness—everything that is truly important." —Hyman S. Goldfarb, Boynton Beach, Fl (

"This book moved me to tears (on a New York subway train, mind you). [TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE] is a moving testimony to the true meaning of life and love. It is filled with simple words from a wonderful man who really understood the true meaning of life and love. Even though I don't know Morrie, I will keep him close to my heart." —Terry Manago, Brooklyn, New York (

Tuesdays With Morrie
Mitch Albom
October 2002
Trade Paperback
$11.95/$17.95 Can.