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A Ballantine Paperback
345-36623-9; $6.99

--The San Francisco Chronicle

"Impossible to put down."
--The Boston Herald

New York City, December 1972: Musician, painter, dabbler in mathematics and chess, Catherine Velis is also a computer expert for a Big Eight accounting firm. Before she heads off to a new assignment in Algeria, Cat has her palm read by a mysterious fortune teller who warns her of danger. Then an antiques dealer approaches Cat with an offer: His anonymous client is trying to collect the pieces of a very old chess service, purported to be in Algeria. If Cat can bring them back, there will be generous fees for both of them....

The South of France, Spring 1790: Mireille de Remy and her cousin Valentine are young novices at the fortress-like Montglane Abbey. With France aflame with revolution, the two girls burn to rebel against constricted convent life--and their means of escape is at hand. Buried deep within the walls and floor of the abbey are pieces of the Montglane Chess Service, once owned by Charlemagne. Whoever reassembles the pieces can play the Game--a game of unlimited power. But to keep the Game a secret from those who would abuse it, the two young women must scatter the pieces throughout the world....

"A fascinating piece of entertainment...Manages to be both vibrant and cerebral...Few will find it resistible."
--Los Angeles Times Book Review

--The Washington Post Book World

"This is a Quest with something for everyone: ancient curses from the Fertile Crescent; Russian chess masters; sexy, savvy American computer whizzes; Napoleon and Robespierre; brave nuns; valiant Jewish diamond merchants; magic numbers; secret hiding places; the music of the spheres. In other words, Katherine Neville's big adventure novel is great fun!"
--Susan Isaacs

"Daring, original, and moving, it seems destined to become a cult classic....Astonishing fantasy-adventure, a thoroughly accomplished first novel....Neville has great fun rewriting history and making it all ring true. With two believable heroines, nonstop suspense, espionage, murder, and a puzzle that seems the key to the whole Western mystical tradition, this spellbinder soars above the level of first-rate escapist entertainment."
--Publishers Weekly

"A gutsy, multi-genre leap through history, full of puzzles and mysteries...The Eight's plotting and execution are masterfully handled."
--The Detroit News


"With alchemical skill, Neville blends modern romance, historical fiction, and medieval mystery...and comes up with gold."

"Neville's classy thriller is multilayered in time....A big, juicy quest novel with something for everyone: computer lore, chess, the occult, ancient curses."
--New Woman

"Extraordinarily absorbing...A gripping adventure tale of greed and lust for power."
--Rocky Mountain News

"Intriguing, fast-moving...Crammed with skullduggery and a chess-based plot that hops between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries."
--Seattle-Post Intelligencer

"DAZZLING... A perfectly crafted story that has everything: an intricate and exciting Rubik's Cube plot; tales within tales; historical characters from Napoleon and Talleyrand to Catherine of Russia; action that moves from France during the revolution to a casbah in modern Algeria; elements from music, mathematics, physics, and alchemy; and ancient warnings from gods and legends."
--St. Paul Pioneer Press and Dispatch

"The taut, suspenseful narrative is interwoven with a seemingly infinite number of mathematical puzzles, crosswords, and cryptograms....History, mystery, and adventure galore."

"Top-notch escapist fare...[An] adventure-romp through history with two intrepid heroines."
--The Orlando Sentinel

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