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Praising Katherine Neville's nationally bestselling novel The Eight, People Magazine declared "With alchemical skill, Neville blends modern romance, historical fiction and medieval mystery...and comes up with gold."

Now, in her brilliant new novel, The Magic Circle, Katherine Neville once again travels across time--and the globe--to tell an astonishing tale of mankind's quest to harness the power of earth and the heavens.

Snake River, Idaho, 1989: Ariel Behn, a toxic materials expert, finds her life shattered when her cousin is slain. His shocking death leaves Ariel sole heir to a family legacy: a sinister cache of manuscripts that sweeps her into a mystery than spans the centuries...

Jerusalem, 32 AD: During the last week in the life of Christ, Emperor Tiberius works to decipher an age-old enigma. Whoever assembles and interprets the clues will possess the power to control the world.

So begins a fascinating journey from the rise of the Roman Empire to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Filled with all the storytelling bravado that made The Eight an acclaimed bestseller, The Magic Circle is an epic for our time.

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