Please send it! I adore Mary Renault and David Brin--and I think I single-handedly made The Eight one of the bestsellers in my area when it came out. Neville is a superior writer!
--D. Quaid, The Market Bookshop, East Falmouth, MA

I would not normally choose a book that switches gears from one historical period to another. It is with this prejudice that I began reading The Magic Circle. Imagine my surprise when, having waded through the first two sections--a cave exploration in the late 1800s and then a shift to ancient times--I emerged back in 1989 America and was introduced to Ariel and her wacky family! I found Ariel and her mother totally delightful; her father a pompous ass and his requisite "token" wife, Grace, pathetic! Just like real folks! Hours after finishing this little excerpt, I found myself rehashing the plot and craving more. Please send me the completed novel ASAP.
--P. Cook, Super Crown, West Dundee, IL

The teaser, i.e. the special preview, was not enough. I need the book! Very intriguing 20-odd pages. I haven't read The Eight but I am on the lookout for it. The Magic Circle's beginning reminds me of Credo by Melvin Bragg but more mystical. I also appreciated the change of voice as well as person between the three sections previewed.
--North Caudill, Doubleday, The Woodlands, TX

The Eight ranks as one of my favorite books--that says a lot considering all I have read these many years as a bookseller and all before. My favorite genre has always been the historical novel-thriller. I can't wait for my preview copy and tell Katherine it's about time!!
--M. Marshall, Penguin Bookshop, Sewickley, PA

I do want more. Yes, please send me a finished copy of The Magic Circle. I've enjoyed Neville's writing and crisp story telling. The Eight ranks as one of my favorites. I can't wait.
--J. Snyder, Last Chapter, Shawnee Mission, KS

Reads like a winner to me. Can't wait for the book to be published. I would appreciate a finished copy as soon as possible.
--J. Dages, Sierra Vista Used Book Library, Sierra Vista, AZ

How cruel you are to taunt me so. I'm desperate for the rest of this book. Your excerpt ends at an incredibly suspenseful point. I can't wait to read more! I loved Neville's The Eight and hand-sold many copies. I'm so glad that after all this time she's got another book coming out. I've always said The Eight reminded me of an Indiana Jones as a woman kind of book, and this one seems to be just as good. Please hurry with my finished copy of The Magic Circle. I can't wait!
--S. Lockwood, Waldenbooks, Kansas City, MO

As a longtime fan of Ms. Neville's, I would look forward to receiving a copy of her new book. Thank you in advance!
--J. Brown, The Bookstore, Radcliff, KY

Yes, yes, yes! Katherine Neville's new book is a must-read. I loved The Eight and I can't wait to read her new one. Hers was one book I passed on to others with high praise and one of the few books I have re-read with great pleasure a second time. So, yes, yes, yes, please send me the whole book, and stop teasing me with excerpts.
--S. Scherstrom, Books a Million, Woodbridge, VA

I have always wanted to read a novel by Katherine Neville--I hear great things about The Eight. Now all I can say is wow! I can't wait to read the rest of this book. What came out of that cave? What are in those manuscripts? Katherine Neville really has a way of writing that sucks you into the story--it makes you feel like you're actively there doing the same thing the characters are (climbing around a cave/falling into a deep snow drift). Very seldom do I get so absorbed in a story that I read it as fast as I did this teaser. PLEASE SEND ME A COPY OF THE FINAL BOOK WHEN IT COMES OUT! I'm dying to find out what happens!
--C. Williams, Barnes and Noble, Atlanta, GA

This is probably one of the fastest of these that I have ever done. It starts off good, blending history and intrigue, just like The Eight did. I read The Eight years ago and fell in love with it. It was very hard to put down, even to this day. I still remember it vividly (which, given the amount of books I read, is really good). If this book is anywhere near the quality of The Eight, it will definitely be a bestseller. I do want to read more! Please don't keep me in suspense until March.
--Y. Turner, Waldenbooks, Oklahoma City, OK

Yes, yes and yes--send the finished copy! I received and read the teaser of The Magic Circle--not that I had to read it--I know Katherine Neville's novels are far and above anything I've ever read. When we received the hardcover of The Eight (eight years ago?) at Booked for Murder, I read it and sold all that we had and had to order more. People would stop by the store and thank us for recommending it to them. Katherine Neville writes the most thrilling and exciting mystery/novels I have ever read. Her incomparable use of history in stories is a touch of genius and daring--weaving, and transporting the reader in time to unknown and thrilling planes for the imagination to wander and wonder. Her writing style creates characters in a three-dimensional realm that pulls the reader into the realm with them. What could be more breathtaking that a ride through history with a Katherine Neville mystery! Thanks for recognizing the genius of Katherine Neville and promoting her. Will we sell The Magic Circle at Booked for Murder? Just watch the figures.
--C. Stoddard, Booked For Murder, Lt Madison, WI

I definitely want a copy of The Magic Circle. The booklet that was sent has greatly aroused my curiosity.
--L. Prosser,, Borders, Greensboro, NC

I enjoyed The Eight. Neville is able to write between changing times with astonishing flair and she weaves a mesmerizing tale. The Magic Circle appears to be another tour de force. March is too far away, but I have something to look forward to!
--J. K. Sweeney, Sweeney & Associates, South Brookings SD

The taste afforded in this special preview was undistilled excellence. Please let me see the entire work as soon as possible. I can hardly contain my anticipation.
--M. Buso, Liberties, Boca Raton, FL

Looks really good! I am excited after reading the excerpt. Send me more!! You torment my soul by only showing me a glimpse! If it's by Katherine Neville, I'm going to love it. I knew that even before I read the excerpt from her new novel. SEND THE BOOK- SOON!! What a grabber of a start and this book will obviously have the same delightfully labyrinthine complexity of her other works. Oh, and did I mention: SEND ME THE COMPLETE BOOK!
--M. Turett, Waldenbooks, Glen Arm, MD

I'm hooked! I read The Eight and loved it! Please do send me a copy of The Magic Circle.
--C. Pike, B. Dalton, Burnsville, MN

Thank you for sending me the preview. While this generally is not the type of book I read, I gave it a shot and was thoroughly engrossed. I must read the book, so please do send me a copy.
--Norma Milicich, Media Play, North Syracuse NY

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