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Heart to Heart

Elowyn Eden and Kassey Messechek are best friends. They share every aspect of their lives. But one thing Elowyn has not yet shared with Kassey is that she checked the organ donor box on her newly acquired driver's license. Kassey only learns of this in a startling and devastating way-- when Elowyn's life-giving donor wishes are about to be honored.

Arabeth St. Clair has not had the luck to have a best friend. Due to her diseased heart, she's led a sheltered life. When Arabeth is sixteen, she and her mother receive the call that will change their lives -- but they don't know to whom they should be forever grateful.

When the worlds of these three girls and their families intersect, lives are changed in ways never imagined. Most especially, it is Kassey who sees things differently, for she can keep alive the memory of her dear friend by sharing the renewed life of another teenage girl, while helping to ease the pain of the two families involved and coming to terms with her own.

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ask lurlenedear readers

Here’s a fact you may not know.  My summer release, BREATHLESS, will be my forty-third original book for Random House!  I can hardly believe it.  Years of doing something I love to do, writing.  Lucky me.   I’ve been writing for a long time and these days I run into grown girls who tell me, “I read all your books when I was in school.”  Some tell me, “I still read your books.”

However, the words I love to hear most of all are from readers who tell me, “I never read a book straight through until I started reading yours.”  That’s so wonderful!  Knowing my books started a reader on the road of reading is awesome.  It makes worthwhile all the hours I’ve spent in front of a computer talking to “people” (characters) who only live inside my mind.  But until my characters and I start “talking”, a story can’t come to life, so I’m always glad to hear from my imaginary friends.

Now, I’d like to hear from you, my reader friends.  Your encouragement is all I need to keep the stories falling out of my imagination onto a printed page.  Thanks so much for your loyalty and support.  You, my readers and fans, mean the world to me!

Best wishes,

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