"It isn't necessary to have ever set foot on a ranch to savor O'Connor and Day's beautifully conveyed reminiscence about growing up on the same piece of land where their parents and grandparents had lived and worked. This is an endearing memoir about a vanishing era, a place and a family that nurtured the feisty young girl who became an extraordinary woman."
 - Doris Kearns Goodwin

"Sandra Day O'Connor and her brother, H. Alan Day, have taken all the themes of the conventional Western narrative-the roundup, the wild horses, the cattle and cattle stampedes, the rattlesnakes, the natural disasters like flash floods, and the colorful figures of cowboys-and transposed them from the usual narrative of the isolated, rootless male figure of the Western into the story of three generations of a family and their relationship to an arid and beautiful expanse of land on the border between Arizona and New Mexico. It's the story of what the land taught them and what it takes to survive under extremes of drought and distance. This is a book for every reader, whether interested in conservation, history, family dynamics, education, or just plain adventure."
 - Jill Ker Conway

"There is a line in this book that says it all. 'The dust didn't settle on the ranch road for days after the wedding.' The wedding was that of Sandra Day O'Connor, and the road led to a ranch and a life called the Lazy B. This beautifully told story of the Lazy B will eventually settle on the reader and, like a magic dust of smiles and pleasures, stay there forever."
 - Jim Lehrer

Hardcover | Random House
Biography & Autobiography
Women | 0-375-50724-8
January 2002 | $24.95

Also available in a Random House Audio Book, Audio Download, and as an eBook
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