blind old woman
    Azucena was in danger and her only chance for survival was to trade bodies with an old, blind woman: "it was so complicated to manage this unfamiliar body. The first time she had changed bodies she had been given a nice new one, and had not encountered any great difficulties. Now, however, the one she had was old and defective. She would have to learn to control it gradually, until she became familiar with its stimuli, its quirks, its pleasures, and its irritations."

In order to remain incognito, Azucena trades in her body at the black market body exchange: "She stopped in front of the body of a woman with beautiful legs. Azucena had always dreamed of having a great pair of legs."

    Azucena was Citlali's son in one of her many past lives.
    "It had taken Azucena a moment to connect the image of Citlali with that of the Indian woman Rodrigo had raped. They were one and the same! Shewas certain, because she had examined the photomental of the rape so many times. She knew that face by heart."

"If Isabel had murdered Azucena when she was a baby, then Isabel should know Rodrigo, because in that life Rodrigo had been Azucena's father."

      "There's nothing easy about being a Guardian Angel. But being Azucena's Guardian Angel is really tough, because Azucena never listens to reason. She's used to having her own blessed way, and let me tell you, in her case, 'blessed' has nothing to do with divine"

and Azucena had known each other in their past lives!
Wasn't Isabel supposed to be Mother Teresa? And how could
this "saint" have killed Azucena when she was just a baby?
isabel picture
      demon"all the things we have to
      savage and destroy! Isabel
      couldn't have forgotten that
      her mission on Earth is to
      foster chaos as part of the
      Universal Order."

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