The National Bestseller

Isaac's Storm
A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History
by Erik Larson

September 8, 2000: the 100th Anniversary of the Galveston Hurricane

"A gripping account. . . fascinating to the core and all the more compelling for being true." --The New York Times Book Review

"Larson has the storyteller's gift of keeping the reader spellbound." --The Times-Picayune

"Superb. . . . Larson has made [Isaac] Cline, turn of the century Galveston and the Great Hurricane live again." --The Wall St. Journal

"Richly imagined and prodigiously researched, [Isaac's Storm] pulls readers into the eye of the hurricane." --The New York Times

"In a year bustling with everything from Australian yachting tragedies to light-headed Into Thin Air knockoffs, this unassuming yet completely mesmerizing narrative was more breathtaking than any other. A terrifying, page-whipping account of a lethal turn-of-the-century hurricane, Isaac's Storm is the story of Isaac Cline, the head of the Galveston, Tex., Weather Bureau in 1900. Failing to predict the deadliest hurricane in history, the scientist (and we) watch helplessly as more than 8,000 unwarned residents perish in a swirling, graphic maelstrom of collapsed houses, jagged debris, and displaced reptiles. A near-perfect combination of horrifying detail and exquisite reportage (painstakingly pieced together from weather-service clippings) Isaac's Storm is a stirring condemnation of man's hubris in the face of unforgiving nature." --Entertainment Weekly, Best Nonfiction Book of 1999

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