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Ask Gary

Which war does The Monument take place after?




Are your stories true or based on true events?


I've just written a nonfiction book, Guts, The True Stories Behind Hatchet and the Brian Books.


What did you need to know to write The Transall Saga?


That I loved science fiction when I was a kid.


What was the lawsuit over Winterkill about?


Someone mistakenly thought I'd written about him. I didn't though.


I am writing from an adolescent program for juveniles. What books would you suggest for our group to read? We can only select 4 or 5 books due to our tight budget.


I always feel kind of silly recommending my own books but here goes: Soldier's Heart, Harris and Me, Dogsong, and Nightjohn.


When were you born?


May 17, 1939

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