The Forgetting
David Shenk
Trade Paperback
ISBN 978-0-385-49838-8
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Thanks for visiting, which I hope can serve as a useful launching pad for anyone wanting to know more about Alzheimer's disease or trying to connect with others in the Alzheimer's community.

If you or someone you love is suffering from Alzheimer's, take heart that you are not alone. In my three years of research, I've been overwhelmed by the humanity and generosity of the caregivers, social workers, doctors, nurses, policy advocates and scientists associated with this disease. On the upper right hand corner of this page, you can tap into their collective knowledge and eagerness to help.

Another way to get involved is to support the Alzheimer's Association. I strongly support their current efforts to dramatically raise the level of federally-funded Alzheimer's research. For more on their advocacy efforts, click here.

Please let me hear your reactions to the book, via email: theforgetting[at]davidshenk[dot]com


David Shenk

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