Are We There Yet?
Realm of Possibility
Boy Meets Boy
From David Levithan
On Writing

Some Things About David Levithan

Abecedary (in which lines come in alphabetical order) is a form I'm enjoying.
About the Authors genuinely confound me.
After graduating from college, I immediately went into children's books, as an editor
Baby-sitters Club was my first big project.
Before that, I was an English and Political Science major.
Believe it or not, the political science doesn't find its way into my books.
Boy Meets Boy was the first serious novel I wrote.
Charmed reactions greeted it, for which I am grateful.
Curiously, I didn't write it with publication in mind.
(Debut novels are rarely written with publication in mind.)
Every year I write a Valentine's Day story for my friends.
For 2001, it was Boy Meets Boy.
For 2002, it was the first part of The Realm of Possibility.
(Furthermore, my next book, Are We There Yet?, also started off as a Vday story.)
Getting to write in twenty different voices was both the draw and the challenge of Realm.
Going into so many stories released a lot of thoughts I never knew I had.
Hours on weekends are when I do most of my writing.
I do other things as well.
I edit the PUSH line at Scholastic.
I listen almost continuously to music, and shop for new tunes at least twice a week.
I read any chance I get.
I take at least one photograph every day, which has changed the way I see things.
I write back to the people who write to me on my Web site (
Just taking a moment to breathe is also important.
Kindness is even more important.
Love and all its variations intrigue me to no end.
Most people look for autobiography in what I write.
Mundane details are usually the most autobiographical parts.
None of my characters are me.
Nuances of theirs, however, seem very familiar to my friends.
Other writers constantly fill me with awe.
Part of being a writer is knowing you can never stop trying to be a better writer.
Reading is an essential part of that improvement.
Some random facts that might tell you something more about me:
The book that I loved the most as a kid was Alexander and the Terrible,
Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
The first word I ever said was "UP!"
The high school I went to wasn't like the ones in my books, but I still liked it.
The last thing I read before writing this was M. T. Anderson's story in the
anthology Sixteen, and it floored me.
The start of spring and the start of fall are my favorite times of the year.
Useless information often distracts me; I am trying to make this happen less.
Very is easily my favorite Pet Shop Boys album.
What matters to me in writing is finding what matters.
Xanadu is a great bad movie, but it hardly matters.
You are very kind to have read this far.
Zoology is a career for which I was never destined.