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Hardcover: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 978-0-385-73171-3 (0-385-73171-X) | July 2006| $15.95
Hardcover Library Binding: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 0-385-90929-2 | September 2005| $17.99
Trade Paperback: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 978-0-440-42013-2 (0-440-42013-x) | March 2008 | $8.99
Fourteen-year-old Davie and his best friend, Geordie, are altar boys at their local Catholic Church. They’re full of mischief, but that all changes when Stephen Rose comes to town. Father O’Mahoney thinks it would be a good idea for Davie and Geordie to befriend him—maybe some of their good nature will rub off on this unhappy soul. But it’s Stephen who sees something special in Davie.

Stephen’s a gifted sculptor. One day as Davie looks on, Stephen brings a tiny figure to life. It’s a talent he has, the gift of creation—and he knows that Davie has this talent, too. Davie allows Stephen to convince him to help bring a life-size figure to life—and Clay is born. Clay is innocent, but Stephen has special plans for him.

What has Davie helped to unleash on the world?


Kate, the Cat, and the Moon
Illustrated by Steven Lambert
Hardcover: Doubleday Books for Young Readers | 0-385-74691-1 | September 2005| $15.95
Hardcover Library Binding: Doubleday Books for Young Readers | 0-385-90929-2 | September 2005| $17.99

Kate has just drifted off to sleep when a mysterious white cat appears at her window and beckons her out into the night. As Kate follows, she feels herself changing–her ears growing and peaking, her teeth growing tiny and sharp, her tongue roughening. For one glorious night, Kate roams her familiar neighborhood as a cat, jumping and prowling and climbing as she never could before. This dreamy tale, illustrated by Stephen Lambert’s color-drenched pastel drawings, is perfect for bedtime reading.

The Fire-Eaters
Hardcover: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 0-385-73170-1 | May 2004 | $15.95
Hardcover Library Binding: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 0-385-90207-7 | May 2004 | $17.99
Paperback: Yearling | 0-440-42012-1 | November 2005 | $5.99

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Bobby Burns knows he’s a lucky lad. Growing up in sleepy Keely Bay, Bobby is exposed to all manner of wondrous things: stars reflecting off the icy sea, a friend that can heal injured fawns with her dreams, a man who can eat fire. But darkness seems to be approaching Bobby’s life from all sides. Bobby’s new school is a cold, cruel place. His father is suffering from a mysterious illness that threatens to tear his family apart. And the USA and USSR are testing nuclear missiles and creeping closer and closer to a world-engulfing war.

Together with his wonder-working friend, Ailsa Spink, and the fire-eating illusionist McNulty, Bobby will learn to believe in miracles that will save the people and place he loves.

Secret Heart
Hardcover Library Binding: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 0-385-90065-1 | October 2002 | $17.99
Readers Circle paperback: Dell Laurel-Leaf | 0-440-41827-5 | May 2004 | $5.99

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Joe Maloney is out of place in this world. His mother wants him to be a man, and he can’t be that yet. His only friend, Stanny Mole, wants to teach him how to kill, and Joe can’t learn that. Joe’s mind is always somewhere else: on the weird creatures he sees in the distant sky, the songs he hears in the air around him, the vibrations of life he feels everywhere. Everybody laughs at Joe Maloney.

And then a tattered circus comes to town, and a tiger comes for him. It leads him out into the night, and nothing in Joe Maloney’s world is ever the same again.

The transformative power of imagination and beauty flows through this story of a boy who walks where others wouldn’t dare to go, a boy with the heart of a tiger, an unlikely hero who knows that sometimes the most important things are the most mysterious.

Counting Stars
Hardcover Library Binding: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 0-385-90034-1 | April 2002 | $18.99
Paperback: Dell Laurel-Leaf | 0-440-41826-7 | October 2003 | $5.99

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David Almond’s extraordinary novels have established him as an author of unique insight and skill. These stories encapsulate his endless sense of mystery and wonderment, as they weave a tangible tapestry of growing up in a large, loving family. Here are the kernels of his novels—joy and fear, darkness and light, the
healing power of love and imagination in overcoming the wounds of ignorance and prejudice. These stories merge memory and dream, the real and the imagined, in a collection of exquisite tenderness.

Heaven Eyes
Hardcover: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 0-385-32770-6 | April 2001 | $15.95
Paperback: Dell Laurel-Leaf | 0-440-22910-3 | October 2002 | $5.50

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Erin Law and her friends are Damaged Children. At least that is the label given to them by Maureen, the woman who runs the orphanage that they live in. Damaged, Beyond Repair because they have no parents to take care of them. But Erin knows that if they care for each other they can put up with the psychologists, the social workers, the therapists — at least most of the time. Sometimes there is nothing left but to run away, to run for freedom. And that is what Erin and two friends do, run away one night downriver on a raft. What they find on their journey is stranger than you can imagine, maybe, and you might not think it's true. But Erin will tell you it is all true. And the proof is a girl named Heaven Eyes, who sees through all the darkness in the world to the joy that lies beneath.


Kit's Wilderness
Paperback | Dell Laurel-Leaf | 0-440-41605-1 | September 2001 | $4.99
Hardcover: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 0-385-32665-3 | March 2000 | $15.95
Downloadable: BDD | 0-553-75002-X | March 2000 | $16.95

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"It was very deep, Kit. Very dark. And every one of us was scared of it. As a lad I'd wake up trembling, knowing that as a Watson born in Stoneygate I'd soon be following my ancestors into the pit," so Kit's grandfather tells him.

The Watson family moves to Stoneygate, an old coal-mining town, to care for Kit's recently widowed grandfather. When Kit meets John Askew, another boy whose family had both worked and died in the mines, Askew invites Kit to join him to play a game called Death. As Kit's grandfather provides stories of the mine's past and the history of the Watson family, the boys search the mines to find the childhood ghosts of their long-gone ancestors.

Written in haunting prose and lyrical language, Kit's Wilderness explores the bonds of family from one generation to the next, and how from the depths of darkness, meaning and beauty can be revealed.


Paperback | Laurel Leaf| 0-440-22908-1 | September 2001 | $5.99
Trade Paperback
: Yearling | 0-440-41602-7 | September 2000 | $4.99
Hardcover: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | 0-385-32653-X | April 1999 | $15.95
Downloadable: BDD | 0-553-75005-4 | April 1999 | $13.95

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Ten-year-old Michael was looking forward to moving into a new house. But now his baby sister is ill, his parents are frantic, and Doctor Death has come to call. Michael feels helpless. Then he steps into the crumbling garage. . . . What is this thing beneath the spiders' webs and dead flies? A human being, or a strange kind of beast never before seen? The only person Michael can confide in is his new friend, Mina. Together, they carry the creature out into the light, and Michael's world changes forever. . . .

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