"The first great beach book of the season...just be careful which beach you read it on. A-"-- Entertainment Weekly

"A major achievement, building on the sandy shore a formidable piece of American history. The writing is controlled and vivid and the research magnificent. Remarkable, among other things, is the author's ability to almost get into the 'mind' of the shark as it moved through the sea and sought to maneuver itself to its best advantage in order to survive. Close to Shore is a splendid book."
--Gay Talese

"Capuzzo's account of the 1916 shark attacks on the Jersey shore recaptures the intense drama of the real events with a lyrical intensity rare in nonfiction writing. Along with its riveting doses of sheer terror, it recreates an era. You feel the past. Meticulously researched, beautifully written. This is strong stuff."
--Mark Bowden, author of Black Hawk Down

"Close to Shore is a truly remarkable book. Michael Capuzzo has combined a beautifully written social history with the kind of thriller that defies being put down until the last page. But this monster story is dreadfully true. And in Capuzzo's capable hands it becomes an elegiac story that tugs at the heart at the same time it makes it beat all the faster. Books like this one just don't come along very often."
--Michael Connelly, author of A Darkness More Than Night

"Several decades ago, a little summer thriller named Jaws changed swimming habits forever. Now along comes Michael Capuzzo with his own take on the great white shark, a story made all the more incredible because it happened. Close to Shore is a wonderful period piece of America on the cusp of the Roaring Twenties. But at the book's heart is that most mysterious of all sea creatures--the great white--lurking, thinking, calculating, and then acting with its fifty triangular teeth and six tons of per square inch pressure. Read Capuzzo's account of what happened that summer on the Jersey Shore, and then, I dare you, go back in the water."
--Buzz Bissinger, author of Friday Night Lights

"Extraordinary...Capuzzo captures a time of innocence, and its greatest nightmare."
--John Sandford, author of Chosen Prey
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