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Fair Ball Bob Costas

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Fair Ball Bob Costas
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Fair Ball Bob Costas

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Fair Ball Bob Costas
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An Exclusive Essay

"If you're a baseball fan like me, you've probably had the same ambivalent feelings over the last few years. A lot of exciting things have happened, but I don't care how many homers Mark McGwire or Ken Griffey Jr. or Sammy Sosa hit, or how many batters Pedro Martinez strikes out. Baseball has fundamental problems.

"When the season begins, with two thirds of the teams - and their fans - knowing that they have no real chance to be in playoff contention, baseball has a problem it needs to address. And that's a significant part of the reason why I wrote this book, Fair Ball: A Fan's Case for Baseball.

"I talk about some of the problems baseball faces, and offer what I think are realistic, common-sense solutions for those problems - or at least respectful suggestions, which if the lords of baseball are paying any attention to, they can use - without even giving me any credit!

"And by the way, speaking of those lords of baseball, over the last decade or so, they've scrambled the game a little bit, but I think they've lost the distinction between mere change and real progress. Is the wild card a good thing? Or can we do better if we're going to change the playoff format? I think inter-league play is probably a pretty good idea, but not the way they've formatted it.

"I'm offering a few suggestions here, just as a concerned fan, as to how they might go about doing it better.

"I hope you take a look."

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