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Fair Ball Bob Costas
Paperback | Broadway | Sports & Recreation | 0-7679-0466-4 | April 2001 | $12.95

Fair Ball Bob Costas
Hardcover | Broadway | Sports & Recreation | 0-7679-0465-6 | April 2000 | $21.95

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Fair Ball Bob Costas

Audio CD (Unabridged) | BDD | Sports & Recreation | 0-553-71211-X | April 2000 | $29.95
Fair Ball Bob Costas
Audio Cassette (Unabridged) | BDD | Sports & Recreation | 0-553-50263-8 | April 2000 | $25.00

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About the Book

Fair Ball 
Fair Ball Now In Paperback

Bob Costas's national bestseller comes out in paperback just in time for this year's baseball season, April 3, 2001.

About Fair Ball

From his perspective as a journalist and a true fan, Bob Costas, the NBC's award-winning broadcaster, shares his views on the forces that are diminishing the appeal of Major League Baseball and proposes realistic changes that can be made to protect and promote the game's best interests.

In this cogent—and provocative—book, Costas examines the growing financial disparities that have resulted in nearly two-thirds of the teams in Major League Baseball having virtually no chance of contending for the World Series. He argues that those who run baseball have missed the crucial difference between mere change and real progress. And he presents a withering critique of the positions of both the owners and players while providing insights on the wild-card system, the designated-hitter rule, and interleague play. Costas answers each problem he cites with an achievable strategy for restoring genuine competition and rescuing fans from the forces that have diluted the sheer joy of the game.

Balanced by Costas's unbridled appreciation for what he calls the "moments of authenticity" that can still make baseball inspiring, Fair Ball offers a vision of our national pastime as it can be, a game that retains its traditional appeal while initiating meaningful changes that will allow it to thrive into the next century.

Reviews of FAIR BALL, the New York Times bestseller:

"If the suggestions of Fair Ball provide even the slightest impetus for meaningful dialogue, Costas should earn a prize far more significant than the shelf full of Emmy Statuettes his distinguished broadcasting career has yielded."
—David Plaut, USA Today Baseball Weekly

"Best of all, baseball's finest broadcaster may actually have the credibility to bring the ironheaded owners and players to heel."
—Daniel Okrent, Time Magazine

"Costas makes and impassioned plea to owners and players to set aside personal gain and do what's best for baseball... true fans will love this as they'll find Costas cares about the game as much as they do - and more than its caretakers do."
—Erik Brady, USA Today

"An important and illuminating analysis of the game's problems, from revenue-sharing to the wild card, with the NBC announcer's smart and clear-eyed solutions."
—Richard Sandomir, The New York Times

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