What kind of Shapeshifter are you?

Pick the correct answers:

1. Which description suits you best?
outgoing, daring, carefree
subdued, modest, concerned with appearances
casual, open-minded
assertive, opinionated, confident

2. When challenged, you…
…are quick to anger, quick to express it, and quick to get over it.
…are hard to ruffle, but capable of engaging in a heated debate when you’re right.
…shake it off easily. Others have the right to their opinions; you don’t have to agree.
…dig in your heels until you win.

3. Which color combination appeals to you most?
red, royal blue, emerald green
gold, cream, tan, rust
pine green, earthen brown, black
white, violet, blue and opal

4. It’s the weekend. What would you like to do?
Go out with a group of friends
Spend a quiet weekend at home
Go camping or to any kind of outdoor sports event
Go to a performance (musical, play, ballet, opera, etc)

5. You have to clean the house. You most likely
…put on some music and do a rendition of “Hard Knock Life” while working.
…buckle down and get it done quickly.
…just have to tidy up, since you don’t have a lot of clutter and keep things pretty neat to begin with.
…get someone else to do it.

6. What irritates you most beyond belief?
Couples making out or snuggling in public (PDA).
Lying, evading the truth, or glossing over unpleasant details
People who constantly lean on others, and are completely dependent

7. What do you fear most?
Loss of control
Loss of self
Hunger, cold, thirst

8. What type of leader are you most likely to follow?
One who has always ruled
One with self-control and compassion
One who stands with his people, as one of them
One who is physically strongest


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